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The new remaster of 'Field of Crows' , 'Moveable Feast Europe 2013-2015' and free Tshirt offers

Remasters offer Available to pre order now and released on December 5th the new remaster of ‘Field of Crows’ and ‘Moveable Feast tour Europe 2013-2015’ with free t shirts offer. We are now taking orders on for 2 new releases that will be available from December 5th. ‘Field of Crows’ is the next in…

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Hi there, in the first announcement and tracklisting of the field of crows remaster, I found a instrumental of “scattering crows” on cd3. Seems this track is no longer on track list. any chance to get this instrumental version? greetings from germany, joe

Hi Joe, the demo instrumental is on CD 2

Thank you Uncle :wink:

Well, this is well worth stumping up for. I never noticed anything wrong with the original FOC… until I heard Chris Kimsey’s remix! Now I don’t know much about mixing albums but suddenly there seems more space for the instruments and it makes the original sound claustrophobic.
Worth keeping them both, of course, but I can highly recommend the new version. A real breath of fresh air. Plus two discs of demos and live tracks. The Communion version of The Field is still amazing.