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The problems of a long back and heavy shoulders

You’re probably well aware of my ongoing back and legs issues and the search for a solution. A week after I arrived home from Switzerland in a lot of pain I received a letter from the Edinburgh Spire hospital accepting the referral from my local doctor. I called them in the morning and that night…

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Glad to read you have sorted something out for yourself medically…sounding better for it already :soccer::mountain_bicyclist:
Garden looks great :tulip:, six weeks to relax & work on new any thoughts/material you wish to put forward in your new Album:sunglasses:…
Plus with you doing your Last Tour:cry:the following year now I will be trying to get to as many Venues as financially possible so more time to save up now…
Looking forward to the Dam Melkweg Nights as usual…hope you have a few days left in you at that Venue :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
He’s some Tunes for you to chill to & Good Luck with Op…
Casual Jams:)
this tunes for your back:))))…seriously though, i am sure someone had to convince you to sort out treatment…:)))))
Something to Sort out Soon:)))

Hi Fish
Glad to hear you’ve got something sorted for your back. I had exactly the same “decompression” surgery on my back in 2012 to aleviate the sciatic pain and all can say is it made a world of difference, No more pain killers and being able to sleep again was wonderful, I can’t recommend it enough and hope your outcome is as good as the one I got.

Dear Fish, I’ve signed up just to give you all my support in your health difficulties… Annoying, but improvable… So all my thoughts and wishes for your post-op recovery !

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All I can say is best wishes Fish!! Makes you realise that your own health, and that of the ones you love is the most important thing in life. And by that I’m talking about mental health too. - The operation sounds like the only real option and taking it easy for six weeks sounds like a small price to pay for a relatively pain-free future.


Best whishes Fish for a quick recovery :wink:
Take care big man :slight_smile:


Good Luck with your health issues. I have had back and neck surgery…came through fine. Wishing you great results. Your music has helped me get through many tough times…Thanks!

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Ach, come to America, get insurance for a couple of months and let them pay for it then bugger off back home.

Long time since we spoke and a lot of water under those bridges. I blame it on that lounging about on Pernassie! ;¬) Very sorry to read of the afflictions, both of us hope that the op was a success and that you will ‘behave’ yoursel’, with plenty of chilling, arnica and the recomended physio. You need to be fit for the raised beds, let alone the stage! ;¬)
Go canny and we wish you a speedy recovery, Bill and Kat