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Thirteenth Star at 10

Still my favourite solo album. Well remember getting back off holiday , finding it in the post, and getting blown away


this album is awesome…one of my favourite too
I was not a huge fan of “field of crows” (it has changed since) and when “13th star” has been released,I didn’t know what to expect from the big man

I have to admit he has blown me away with this one:powerful(circle line,manchmal,dark star) and soft(miles de besos or Zoe 25) in the same time…a masterpiece :muscle: :+1:

I wish a deluxe edition(like the one for “feast”) has been released at the time but unfortunately no :disappointed:


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Hello Jon! - Yeah, can’t believe it’s 10 years old. Time flies. Definitely one of his strongest solo albums, but stiff competition means it’s always hovered around 4th or 3rd favourite. - One thing I can say, is that it does have Mark Wilkinson’s finest artwork! Never bettered in my opinion.


Remember crying my eyes out at the gig at Glasgow Academy when 13th Star was played. Also remember winning tickets from Planet Rock for a gig at the Jam House in Edinburgh which was right at the start of the tour cycle for the album. A great album.:grinning:


Such good memories of this brilliant album,my cd copy is wrecked due to so many plays!
Got it on vinyl too,caught the Glasgow and Belfast gigs…stunning.
This is an album I spent so much time with,up there with his best.
The lyrics really spoke to me at the time due to my shitty work circumstances.
I even used the track 13th star in my wedding video;)