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This was strange

I have worked at my current job for less than a year, a few weeks ago one of the lady’s from a different department approached me and said “I believe you’re a Marillion fan.” A little puzzled​:thinking: “yes” I replied. She then completely floored me when she went on to explain that her dad used to be a sound engineer. :astonished::astonished::astonished: SHOCK…
When I asked when, she was unsure but one thing she was very sure of was that her middle name is Kayleigh. :sunglasses:
It’s always great simply meeting a fellow fan unexpectedly I think, but considering I work in an idyllic rural setting made this really bizarre.
Anyone else had got a similar experience?

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Always love it when that happens! I have a friend who I don’t see too often, who I only found out recently was a massive Fish fan and had been to several gigs that I had also attended! Had no idea that she was there. Don’t know why the subject of music had never come up?! - It’s weird. Don’t feel this with other bands, but discovering a fellow Fish fan is like embracing another member of the family.


I have had a few bizarre Fish/Marillion type moments come to think of it… :thinking:

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