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Time Has Come to Say "Hello"

I have been a member on The Union for quite sometime, reading. I am 61 and retired with time to listen, shop and catalog music. About 20 years ago I was All Prog. I have most all Fish and related records. I am headed slowly back in the Prog Seas. ( I jumped the boat as my mind had reached the Lyrical Limits) I collect 50-60’s Jazz Records by all the pioneers which I found were setting Prog

blue prints…

Anyway. I am going to try and add to posts but I am a tad rusty on my Fish daze.

Thanks for having Me~
Rebos (Sober)


welcome to the union Rebos (sober) :wink:


Hi Rebos :blush:

Welcome Rebos. Enjoy the Union!

Welcome to the Company Rebos :wink:

Hey! Welcome Rebos! Hope you enjoy getting into the posting!

Hi rebos
Welcome :slight_smile:

Hi Rebos. Looking forward to your posts.