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Tool - Lateralus

Got to admit that I really struggle to get into this album but know it’s highly rated by a lot of people. What are your thoughts?

Dunno - it hasn’t arrived from Amazon yet!

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I like it! Some tracks more than others, to be fair - but overall I like the album. It’s my first Tool album, and from a lot of the fan feedback it is a good place to start. I’ve always like the track “Schism” and there are a few others like it on Lateralus.

What surprised me is the amount of more laid-back music. Still quite complex in places, but a totally different mood.

Recommended! :sunglasses:

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I’m going to go back to it and give it another go then.


very good album,but…the only reproach I could make is that it is a bit too long…I have difficulties to listen to it in one time…


10000 Days is also a great album. I was home alone last night so gave ‘Vicarious’ a louder than normal play. Love it.


I must check this band out, they somehow have eluded me over the years, but always see their t shirts at gigs.

it seems that TOOL is working on his new album since 2006 and “10000 days”…great news!


I am eagerly awaiting the new album. I also happen to really like Lateralus.

I love Tool but they are a pain in the arse. How difficult can it be to get a new album out if you really had the desire to do so (and i’m totally aware of the different legal issues they’ve had).