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Top 3 Favourite Fish Tracks!

Okay, after careful consideration, and a realisation that it’s extremely difficult to choose, I’m going with:

1: Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors
2: Plague Of Ghosts
3: The Perception Of Johnny Punter

That is way too difficult to call. Today it is :

  1. Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors
  2. Jungle Ride
  3. Dear Friend

That could all change tomorrow.

  1. Plague Of Ghosts
    2.The Company
    3.High Wood

too difficult but

1 - Vigil in a wilderness of mirrors
2 - the company
3 - plague of ghosts


1.Scattering crows
2.Square Go
3.Mission Statement

I would have voted also for:

  • A gentleman’s excuse me
  • Long cold day
  • credo


That’s six!!

I know :smile:


10 would have been easier. . . . . :wink:

Okay, if we’re going to play that game, my three reserves are:

1: Cliché
2: The Great Unravelling
3: Moving Targets

Tonight I’ll go with:

What Colour Is God?
Raw Meat
Other Side Of Me

Ooooh :confused: a tough one!

  1. Cliché
  2. Raw Meat
  3. Vigil

And tomorrow it will be something else!

Probably :wink:


Cliché has always been a top 5 for me. That never changes. Best ballad he has ever written.

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Fantastic guitar as well :guitar:


Time for another 3 -

  1. Jumpsuit City
  2. Feast Of Consequences
  3. State Of Mind
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1 - Cliché
2 - Lady let it lie
3 - Dark star


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  1. High Wood
  2. Credo
  3. Dark star.
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