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Tour Tshirts for sale

For Sale:

One grey Punch and Judy t shirt from FugazI tour size medium. Dates on the back.

One grey Reel to Reel T shirt size medium. Dates on the back.

Excellent condition. No rips or holes in either.

Message me/email me for images. Not sure how to post them here.


Medium rules me out. They would have fitted when those tours were on but not these days. :grin:

And to post photos here is nice and easy. When replying to a post just select ‘upload’ from bottom right hand corner (i’m using my mobile phone - not sure where upload option is if using a pc) and select the photo from location on your phone.

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Hey thanks for the info. They are a bit snug on me too!

That Punch And Judy one brings back memories :blush:

All of them looks nice, In how much time do we get the delivery if we buy this product? Do you also use logistics and supply chain management to track and deliver the product fast?

Postage and delivery would depend on where you are. It’s a price thing. If you are willing to pay the appropriate costs then tracking can be organised.