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Two more years....then?

"…I think some people were a bit taken aback when we moved into the subject of my
future plans and I responded with an answer I don’t think they really
wanted to hear. I declared that I plan to write another album next year
which in all probability will be my last one and to follow that up with a
tour in 2016 to lead me into a retirement that will allow me time to do
other things outside music.
The full explanation was met with slight
shock but eventual understanding but sometimes it’s hard for people to
accept the inevitable. At the moment it’s a cunning plan but I have to
admit the appeal for me is growing and I find a new direction in my life
more exciting and invigorating the more I think about it ! It will be a
huge change and I also have to admit I find the thought quite scary
sometimes. The idea is in the air for now so lets see just where it
drifts and falls! There’s a lot to be done before now and then and a lot
can happen that could change things!


So…being positive here folks…assuming we’ll still get to see Fish on the Road occasionally in the future - lets think outside the box for a while.

What other ‘projects’ would you love to see Fish involved with - if being a singer became no longer priority No. 1?

I’ll go first…

I’d love to finally get to read that book he’s been threatening.

He’s perfect material for TV presenting work in the style of Billy C’

Any other ideas?


Well I’m not entirely convinced that Fish would be able to give music up completely. I honestly think that after a year or two of not touring, performing or writing lyrics/composing, he would start to feel the itch again.

That said, I’ve always thought he would make an absolutely perfect radio presenter. The experience is already there, and we all know how entertaining his stint was. - Not sure if this would be ‘creative’ enough for him though. Think Fish needs to follow his muse. Writing is the obvious next step.


Agreed. His Planet Rock show was brilliant and sorely missed.

Maybe he could replace Jim McColl and present Beechgrove Garden!! Now that I would love to see… :smiley:


I imagine that from a lifetime of cunning plans, there are more coals in the fire than the Consortium of Santa’s Naughty List on Christmas Day.

Fish has always expressed that he hasn’t been able to fully “get into” acting due to touring schedules. Then there’s the book / biography. Screenwriting. Plays? Theatre? Radio? Presenting?

At least there’s still some more live music on the horizon.

The list could go on and most likely does.

For now, I’m glad there’s another album around the corner. Selfishly - I hope it’s not the last one. But if it is he’s clearly conscious on planning on going out with a bang rather than a whimper.

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Personally I hope for a release of some live files, as annouced. I hope for a live album from the current tour. I hope for a celebration of Missplaced childhood, maybe a live release or a re-recording? I hope for another studio album as brilliant as Feast, which I like very much after I was kind of dissapionted by 13th star.

But I have to recognize that Fish is, according to his FB posts, undergoing some major changes in his privat life and personal lifestyle. I wish him and S all the best! I do not want to but I can imagine a Fish getting married again and rearranging the focus of his life. I will not think about him giving up his life as a musican, but instead of songs about beer, Lothian, Aberdeen and the Eternal Exile will we hear songs about Badischen Wein, the Karlsruher Sportclub and Weihnachtsmärkte…?

No offense, just my thoughts.


Is he moving to Germany then? I don’t read FB.

It’s in his blog. :wink: :smiley:

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he will stop one day anyway…but as late as possible :wink:

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We all will stop one day. It’s a dead cert.

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There’s got to be just more to it
Than this
Or tell me why do we exist
I’d like to think that when I die
I’d get a chance another time
And to return and live again
Reincarnate, play the game
Again and again and again and again

Good Lord Chris, you’re in a philosophical mood! Very deep.

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So, Fish then?

Steve Harris was that! I am not that philosophical or esoteric!

[quote=“peter0027, post:13, topic:80”]
Steve Harris was that![/quote]

Your philosophy is almost Yoda-esque!

Anyway,…Fish… :wink:

Interessting, if there will be a topic for the album like World War I.

To take a different slant on it, given that it will be his ‘last album’, something autobiographical would be interesting. His journey through life and career, up to the present change of direction and focus.

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Was not 13th star kind of that? A journey thought his last years?

Yeah, but that was more about relationships.

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The book.

It’s long overdue and needs to be written.

Let the guy retire and let him do what he wants to. His schedule is pretty gruelling and there has to be a time in someone’s life to stop and just go with what they want to do, without having to perform, if that’s the decision he’s made. I haven’t been following him recently but if that post above is right, fair play.

As a talented lyricist, of course Fish will never leave music - it’s in his blood.

He can continue to do that.

I think writing another album by the end of 2016 is optimistic, given how long (and how many disappointments) accompanied the last one, particularly if he’s wanting to take it out on the road. But if he thinks he can do it, again, fair play.

Fish’s direction is changing and it’s up to him where that leads him, so it’s not for me to judge that, but I really would like the book if I could choose.