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UK dates 2015 "Farewell to Childhood"

FISH BIDS FAREWELL TO CHILDHOOD 30th ANNIVERSARY TOUR OF ‘MISPLACED CHILDHOOD’ SEVEN ALBUM REMASTERS ANNOUNCED Scottish singer, songwriter and ex-Marillion frontman FISH has announced a run of UK headline shows in December where he will play Marillion’s 1985 chart-topping album Misplaced Childhood in full for the very last time, ahead of releasing his…

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For Bristol GigCartel website says tickets ‘on sale soon’ - any idea when this may be ?


Manchester and Glasgow stand out for me. Edinburgh would have been nice, but we can’t always have what we want! :frowning:

Birmingham and Glasgow for me :smile:

Dalkeith is only 10 miles from Edinburgh, Paul. You know it makes sense. :smile:

Glasgow for me so far :smile:

2 tickets for Bristol sorted.

Tickets for Birmingham booked, a beautiful venue.

Tickets for both Islington gigs ordered. £12.50 for the delivery to Germany :frowning: ! Each ticket £27,50.

Very much warming to the idea of me and Debs coming down on the train. Gonna work on it. Possibly buy her a few more shrubs.

Apparently Birmingham has the best garden centres in the universe !! :wink:

Yeah, that’s what scares me.

still don’t know if I buy my ticket or not as I will be on holidays a bit far from Paris :worried:


Due to work commitments, i have a ticket for Islington, Friday night to swap for Saturday or sell.


I thought this looked really smart :wink:

I just read an article from about making Misplaced Childhood with interviews from Fish and Marillion members. Does anybody could help me to understand the part where they talking about making/tuning songs more suitable for Fish’s current voice. I probably got it wrong but it seems Marillion guys are on that mission.
Fish says there:
"“It would have been lovely,” he sighs. “But it’s 30 years old, for fuck’s sake, so we’d have to drop it down for my voice, and Steve’s gone public and said he won’t change keys.” He pauses, sounding a little exasperated. “But who gives a fuck what key it’s in?”
Marillion clearly do, and transposing the songs to suit Fish is not something they’re comfortable with. “If he can’t sing in the same key as on the album, then we can’t play the same music as on the album,” says Rothery. “You’re not giving people the same experience. It’s better to leave them with the memory.”
If thats is true and not my bad english, it really warms my heart. I am not one of those reunion-maniacs, Fish and Marillion are just great as they are currently. It’s just funny and touching if they can cooperate on that historically common material. So any more news/facts about it?


ive just posted on another section but Id thought id post on here as well has anybody got 1 spare ticket for the manchester gig in December im the one that does the handwritten art ( Look closely art facebook )

Tickets and Flites booked for the glasgee gig in dec…

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You should have come to Bristol to meet up with me and Mike. Beer and peanut frenzy !!!

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