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Union Patreon Details

Hi everyone.

I’ve set up the Patreon page this morning:

Based on the feedback yesterday, each person will need to contribute £3 per month. The page will show you the running total so you can all see that I’m not running away with the millions of pounds that will inevitably go in.

Let’s see how it goes!


So based on the likes from your other post (on which you based what it will cost us monthly) only 7 of us are staying on the forum then :frowning:
Unless some haven’t realised they had to like your post if they meant to contribute and stay…

Its all gone quiet in Wales ?

Happy to contribute. Not sure about keeping it private (i believe the more the merrier) but will go with the majority.

So that’s how many of us then?
Let’s be clear!!

Ulli (although he hasn’t been vocal about it on here, he told me by PM)

That’s 11 of us.

Are people happy carrying on with 11 people?
And can people actually answer and let us know their point of view?

Also, John, I can sense that the payment is an issue for some (having to set up an account and a monthly repetitive payment), isn’t there a way around it where we could pay one year’s contribution all at once?

Sorry Mik as I know you’ve already set yout payment up :confused: I’m just trying to see if there’s a way to suit most of us on here…

Does Anthony know he can pay by card? Like buying a very cheap CD.

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I haven’t set my payment up either. I’m not expecting any problems.

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What do people feel about this?

Much rather pay all at once and have done, but if not possible the alternative is fine.

Obviously same with me, i prefer to pay all at once but alternative is fine.

I would’nt say it better.

Not a problem; it’s easily changed. I’d also go for annual, rather than monthly, but I get the impression Ulli has something up his sleeve :upside_down_face:


Same here. And I neither haven’t set any payment yet, waiting for consensus. :grinning:


If you pay it all in one go do you get a metal membership badge like ? :thinking:


Exactly - nothing gets taken before the end of the month.

All hail @ulrichs.

Ulli has paid up for the next year so he’ll be sorting out the payments.

I’ve switch off the Patreon now so no money is going anywhere that way.

We’ll sort out some nice updates to the forum here for you all <3.