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US fan desperately begging for a chance

Onkel Fish -

I was lucky enough to see you perform in Cincinnati OH, US in 1987 with Marillion. The show was as to be expected, wonderful and memorable!. I then proceeded to talk my friends into walking a few blocks after the show to see if you would show your face in one of the local pub/bars. I was delighted to find that my instincts were correct.

I met you that night from the other side of a velvet rope, but you took the time to come over and speak with me quickly. You signed my ticket stub, along with several of your band mates and your backup singer, I believe her name was Cori Josais. She had a beautiful voice and was a beautiful young lady.

Thank you for that lasting memory.

The chance I am begging you for is not to come here to the US so I can see you again. I understand that the cost of such a tour is astronomical. I only ask that you keep doing what you are doing now for as long as your body and your voice can take it. I know it gets harder every time you go out there, but I also know that the love we show you helps sustain you.

Please continue long enough for me to come to Scotland to see you perform. I would love to see your show, in your home country this time. I would then like to buy you a round or two. Maybe you could recommend a good local highland single malt for me.

No matter what happens, please continue to be you. If you find you can no longer perform, please keep writing. You are the best modern day poet I know of. I put you in the top three of all time. You’ve done well, my friend.

With love from the states,

Sodden Harlequin