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Welcome to The Union

Welcome to The Union, the official forum of Fish and the Fishheads Club site. It’s for fans of Fish and his music to share thoughts and ideas and just enjoy each others’ company online.

We’ve revamped things and made it as easy to use and connect to other sites such as Facebook and Twitter as possible.

This site is for you (the fans :smile:) to get involved in the discussion with other fans to talk about songs, albums, gigs and anything else.

To sign in - you can create a new account or use your Facebook, Twitter or Google account instead.

There’s a lot of Fish-related activity coming up, and we hope you’ll be here to keep up with the chat.


Are we able to create Game topics like on the Union or will this forum be exclusively dedicated to discussions?

I’d rather hold of on the games for a little while - but more will be explained later @Zazabi @Mwelljester :wink:

Games I can live without for a bit, but we definitely need some general chat. It shouldn’t be all music related.


Hello everyone, So here we are once more…


at last… :smile:…welcome Andy :wink:


It’s been a while so I though I’d raise my head once more on the forum - hi everyone x


Welcome @Julia_Evans! :slight_smile:

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Hi Julia welcome back.

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Welcome Julia :wink:

Why thank you kind Sirs :smiley:

HI Guys, my first Fish gig was on the initial solo tour of 1989 and the Fleece in Bristol in Dec will be my 25. Just recovering from a long stint of mental illness mostly thanks to my dog Grendel, love feast of consequenses, cant wait for the Dec gig. As i have found there is always a way back and im rocking again, as Fish would say you all take care and stay alive. Colin and Grendel.

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Welcome Colin and Grendel :smile:

Welcome to the Union Colin .

Welcome to the Forum and The Company Colin :smile:

Welcome here!

welcome around here :wink:


Been a while since I have been on The Union, been keeping up on Faceache with some of you. Read an interview and just had to come and post on here when the streetlights throw shadows through window frames.

Looking forward to the autumn gigs.


Hello Rob

Good to see you back on here :blush:

Welcome here!