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Weltschmerz Album

From Fish’s Fb page

Here’s the dummy of the deluxe version of the ‘Weltschmerz’ album that I’ve just been sent by Mark Wilkinson.

We decided to go out with something very special on my final album and came up with this idea that definitely fits the bill!

Its a hardback book in a slipcase similar to the ‘Feast of Consequences’ deluxe version but the content I consider quite spectacular.

The hardback book has 100 pages of new original Mark Wilkinson artwork, photos, and illustrations with contributions by his wife Julie and others including Keith Mc Intyre (‘The Guddler’).

Together with the lyrics I’ve also written 8000 words of sleevenotes about the history of the creation of ‘Weltschmerz’ detailing the journey with all it’s twists and curves.

As well as the double album across 2 cd’s this is the first time I’ve gone for a Blu Ray as the content is immense.

The track listing for the albums are-

CD1 -42 mins

  1. Grace of God (Dick/Boult/Vantsis)
  2. Man with a Stick (Dick/ Vantsis/Boult)
  3. Walking on Eggshells (Dick/Vantsis)
  4. This Party’s Over (Dick/Boult/Vantsis)
  5. Rose of Damascus (Dick/Vantsis/Boult)

CD2 -42 mins
6) Garden of Remembrance (Dick/JC Mitchell)
7) C Song (The Trondheim Waltz) (Dick/Paterson/Boult)
8) Little Man What Now? (Dick/Vantsis/Boult)
9) Waverley Steps (End of The Line) (Dick/Vantsis/Boult)
10) Weltschmerz (Dick/Vantsis)

produced by Calum Malcolm and Steve Vantsis

The Blu Ray
Video – ‘The Tale of Weltschmerz’ – Fish in conversation with Will Smith (1hr20m)
Directed by David Barras and Scott Mackay

Video – ‘Behind the Masque’ – an interview with Mark & Julie Wilkinson (25 mins)
Directed by David Lam and Hannah Thompson

‘Weltschmerz’ Full Album DTS Master Audio HD 5.1 – 48k 24 bit


the full Album Linear PCM Wav – 48k 24 bit

‘Weltschmerz’ Live Audio Tracks from UK tour 2018
Recorded live in Norwich, UEA December 4th

  1. Man with a Stick (Dick , Vantsis, Boult)
  2. Little Man What Now? (Dick, Vantsis, Boult)
  3. C Song (The Trondheim Waltz) (Dick, Paterson, Boult)
  4. Waverley Steps (End of the Line) (Dick, Vantsis, Boult)

Promo videos-

‘Man with a Stick’ and ‘making of’
Directed by Miles Skarin

‘Weltschmerz’ and ‘making of’
Directed by David Barras and Scott Mackay

‘Garden of Remembrance’ and ‘making of’
Directed by David Lam and Hannah Thompson

‘This Party’s Over’ and ‘making of’
Directed by Miles Skarin

I think you’ll agree it’s a wealth of material and the first time I have ever gone for a 5-1 mix which has been brilliantly put together by Avril Mackintosh and Andy Bradfield ( ‘Script’ , ‘Clutching’ remasters)

The ‘Weltschmerz’ deluxe version is £49.99 including VAT and will only be available through

Preorder starts on the 24th July and the album is released on the 25th September.

I’ll get details on the double vinyl version and the standard double digipak version in the next week and there will be a pre order page on the website set up for the launch on 24th July.

It’s all getting very real now
and very exciting :slight_smile:


Another thing of beauty coming our way :grinning:

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Looks fantastic…and at last we’ll have a BR :smiley:

Of which I will need to buy a player to watch it on.
Still on VHS me !! :wink::rofl:


Wish this pre-order would hurry up, my money is burning a hole in my pockets :wink::grin:



I love this album artwork!!!

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Would have loved to have a colored vinyl !


Am I the only one to find the prices a bit high ?


Not when you consider what is on offer. Also as has been said by Fish previously postage is kept to a minimum. You are virtually getting two albums worth of material. Plus all the blueray bells and whistles, 100 page book etc. :smiley:

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You’re probably right but when I turn it into Euros,it hurts a little…almost 25€ for an album (even if it’s a double one),it’s a bit expensive


Does anyone know if I can find the lyrics to Garden or Remembrance anywhere???

They were posted by Fish under his YouTube video.

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I think the prices are on the high side but have still gone for the deluxe.

£20 for a standard double cd is more than what the majority of similar content albums cost, plus postage on top.

£50 for the deluxe is a lot (though i can see that the 100 page book would push up the price). In comparison the recent Marillion reissues have been £30 for 4 disc sets (and nearer £25 with free postage if you use Amazon).


If you compare to the Deluxe editions of the Marillion’s album it is certainly expensive !!! doubt…I’ll go for the Deluxe edition too…

Or even if you compare it to Jethro Tulls excellent 3 or 4 disc and book boxset offerings all of which weren’t over £35 when released.
Not sure if it has anything to do with the Blu ray ?

Not at all! Same here. I’ve no doubt at all that the deluxe package is ‘deluxe’, but I just can’t justify me spending so much on an album. Especially as I’d probably look at the book once and never bother after that.

Hats off to him for putting out a premium product, but the standard will be enough for me.


I second that. For me who buys this kind of deluxe album maybe once a year or not even so often, it’s all the same if it is 35 or 55 euros (or pounds). That 20 euros would go somewhere else where I would’nt even notice it ( beer or something), but this “luxury item” will remind me of many things for years to come.

If I’d bought this expensive albums weekly or monthly, it would be a different thing but now it’s not an issue for me. I just love to receive that package which I know has been given much love and effort to.


So after four listens now, it’s still too early to say where it ranks, but I do have an idea of which albums i definitely like it more than.

What are your thoughts on the album cover? I just don’t like it. I’m not entirely sure what is symbolizes tbh. Has there been any explanation behind the image … maybe that would help me (?). Don’t get me wrong … the quality of the artwork is great … I just don’t understand what is represents in context with the album as a whole. If you know, please explain.