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What I Did this Summer - Part 2

We fell asleep to the last frog chorus coming from somewhere out in the darkness of the Aue. Our last night on the Balcony had been slightly hijacked by Simone’s ex sister in law, Monika who had previously rented the flat. She turned up with a bottle of wine, 3 Jagermeister miniatures and a screwdriver…

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These blogs are really something. A writing career away from music beckons. You can sense the empathy coming from the screen / page - for family and others, and those no longer physically present. Coupled with the imagery of Durlach and the Balcony. Its almost like Ive visited the place and walked the streets myself.

Major life changes for you and your family in recent times. All the best, and as you have so often said to the Company, “Take care and stay alive.”