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What would you like to see in the forthcoming Fish album?

Continuing the discussion from Fishheads Club News - June 2014:

Straight from the Fish’s mouth - a new album is on the horizon. It’s probably not going to be themed on World War I this time.

Is there anything that you’d like to see this time around? A conceptual progressive masterpiece? A direct rock powerhouse?

Being unfamiliar with John Beck’s input, I wonder what kind of writing he would bring to the Fishy table.

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thanks for the video

Hoping for something that follows on with the very high standard of the last two albums. Would like to see more exploration of the patient atmospherics like the first half of Perfume River and at least one epic rock track.

Oooh - Perfume River is such a great track isn’t it? How do you top that‽ But if there is a kindred spirit out there for it then that would be pretty damn spectacular. I know what you mean about the possibility of an exploratory journey. I feel that there was more to play with. On the slip-side I’d rather be left wanting than be bored 20 minutes in :wink:

I’d like to see a track like A Gentleman’s Excuse Me or Cliché - I’ve really missed a full-on Fish ballad like that. There’s never been once before or since in my opinion.


Would love to hear a Concept masterpiece, as listening to “The High Wood” suite and rembering MC has really put me in the mood for more, its not just a piece/music track but a story unfolding before your ears and in your mind :slight_smile:

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Oh, I dunno. The other side of of me and 13th Star come pretty close for me personally :thumbsup:

A new album? Seriously? - Wasn’t expecting one for another ten years.

Not really sure what I want, but I always expect something that feels very different from the last. - I like the way that the Feast tracks were conceived and written organically on acoustic. Think it made for a much more ‘tuneful’ album than 13th Star, so I’d like to see a continuation of that.

Fish albums have always worn their influences on their sleeves. The music always depends on who the co-writers are - particularly with Raingods, Field of Crows and Sunsets.

I am a big fan of It Bites, and would like to think that John Beck will bring a stronger sense of melody to any new work that he is involved in. It Bites material is always very melodic and I like that. IMO, Fish’s most melodic albums were his earliest solo projects - Vigil and Internal Exile.

I found the sparse feel of Consequences stimulating, but would like to see a bit more of a “layered” production in future music.

That said, I trust Fish’s judgement and will be happy with whatever he produces (as long as it isn’t another covers album… :wink:)

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The Other Side Of Me is just stunning. Call me old fashioned (most people do), but I’d like at least one beautiful melodic and emotional ballad on any new Fish album. He is so good at those because you know they come from the heart.

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Given that it will be Misplaced Childhoods 30th anniversary next year, dare I suggest Misplaced 2 ? :wink:


What, brand new tracks? - Wouldn’t mind hearing a full acoustic version of the album. That would be interesting.

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Clutching at a Script for a Fugazi Childhood?


Misplaced adulthood? :smile:


I second that. was not even thinking about a new album that soon!

I love to hear, no secret, some progressive tracks. Perfume river is brilliant and very atmospheric. I agree, the art of songwriting lead to that tight album. We can see the development between the first demos and performance of songs on the convention and the finished album.

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Whatever new material Fish comes up with I’m sure we’ll be impressed, it will be interesting to see with the arrival of Mr Beck just which direction it goes in ? but as he’s such a talented musician, I’m sure it’ll follow on in the same quality from where Feast left .

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Thumbs up for Misplaced 2. How about an Album with duets and call it FISH & FRIENDS (The Album Artwork is a kind of Fish & Chips with all the guests written with Ketchup on it) Please try to find some european friends and sing some words in their language… ( german, french, italian etc.)

Fish mentions a working title of ‘Weltschmerz’ -whether that is for the album or a track isn’t clear.

whatever he wants:it will be great anyhow…but another epic title would be nice :smiley:



I need more WW1 stuff - last album merely scratched the surface :slight_smile:

JOKE !!!

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Sorry @ThistleAli, WWII this time.

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