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What would you like to see on sale on the merchandise stall?

Apart from the usual t shirts, cd’s, dvd’s etc, what else would you like to see for sale on the merch stall at gigs or in the Fishheads shop ?.

Actual fish at knockdown prices. Have you seen how much a fillet of cod costs?

No seriously, I would like to see a wider range of reissued classic t-shirts. I don’t know how economically viable it would be to reprint a said amount of old designs, but there are many I would love to get my hands on.


I think there is a pretty eclectic and full range already! Can’t think of much else…

I never got around to buying a Zippo - and I always regret it on fireworks night. :thumbsdown:

Agreed with you Paul.

Hellloooooooo !!!

No idea on copyright issues etc - but what about the classic Marillion album covers for t-shirts?

I see you can get them from Bulgaria on eBay - but I’d prefer the £ to go to Onkel.

I’m sure you’ll know the legal stuff Mr Fearless


That’s a good idea! :cool:


Continuing with non-black-T-Shirts!

Of coure, I know, a rock and roll shirt hato be coloured black, but I find it hard to combine black with other colors.

All in all, less black items! I love the scarves Fish used to sell 2010, they were coloured blue/white, and the military style hat in olive. Both are on sale now in black.


One of my favourite Fish Tees is the Return to Childhood tour shirt - in a fine shade of purple!! :sunglasses:


I’ve got one, it really is fine!

I’ve got one too, Really Cool :smile:

Same here. Got one.

As well as a purple shirt from the American-Nearfest-Tour.


nice picture Lauri :wink:

Be great to be able to buy a Fish fleece…ideal for the winter!


How about Fish moustache protectors for when we go to bed?

Fish have moustaches? :shipit:

what about some framed and signed album covers? (like 40X40)

Those Fish keyrings on the last tour were quite cool. I grabbed one of those. Very nice.

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It’s a shame the keyrings were only available on Tour, for those who couldn’t attend :slight_smile: