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Where Do We Go From Here?

Read review of one of the December Islington gigs in the latest edition of Classic Rock. The reviewer was generally positive but commented on the fact that the end is in sight as it were. After Weltchmerz and its accompanying tour there will be other projects etc. from Fish ( Autobiography please ), but how do people see things continuing be that on the Forum or meeting up etc.

Know this is quite a time away yet but the gig review set me thinking.

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Doubt it will affect the regulars from using the Forum, as it may be our only link, but it will just mean we won’t have anything to look forward to! :sob:

…that is unless we can find some common musical ground and attend other live gigs together. Not sure what that would be?! Tastes are pretty varied on here.

Part of me still hopes that Fish will see it to go on the occasional ‘mini-acoustic tour’, or hold a Convention, which no one seems to mention anymore. It’s been a long while since Lemmers, and attendance was fantastic for that. The loyalty of his fanbase means that interest will always be there if he wishes to step back on stage for 2 or 3 nights of the year. Depends how much he wants a clean break. Music will still be in his blood. His music will always be in ours.


Here’s the gig review for those who haven’t read it.


I think we’ve all been aware that Fish (and his voice) is not as it was. We’re already getting more than we’d hoped for in terms of gigs as the plans for the last album / tour should have gone already but various things are delaying the inevitable.

I was really pissed off that i couldn’t make the Manchester meet before Xmas but as long as there is willing from people on the forum then i don’t see why such events couldn’t happen in the future.


Just seen he is announcing Uk and European dates in the next few days :grin:
Maybe we can pick a date that we could all get to ?


Don’t get me wrong though, I fully agree that he will be retiring from music at the right time. Going out at the top of his game. No doubts whatsoever the last album will be killer.