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Yin and Yang - Spanish, Italian and other European dates postponed. UK goes ahead intact

Yin and Yang I’m just back from the doctor’s in Haddington after another examination and regret to have to announce further postponements. I’d hoped to have been fit for the return to the tour and the gig in Barcelona on Saturday but have been advised to take another 2 weeks off as the virus is…

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Really bad news, the only thing we can do is to Stay calm and listen to Fish. Get well soon big man. Hope I can arrange another trip to Barcelona for the new dates.

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Oh, I feel for you an can’t imagine how disappointed you must be feeling.

Wishing you all the best and hope that the rest gets you back on track.


Hotel and flight cancellation was impposible for Barcelona gig in november.
No chance for beeing tonight in Barcelona…

But there is ONE opportunty for tomorrows gig in Madrid (“only” 600 kms far from home)… great expectation in my head…

Did you manage to see the show?

Yeah!. What a great night!. It was worth travelling from Cadiz to Madrid just for the gig. Brilliant set list. Great performance of the The High Wood suite. I know the story about that wonderful collection of songs but when you hear it in Fish words the songs, the messages, the whole music gets even more interesting.

After the gig I had the opportunity to greet him and take a couple of shots for my personal “hall of fame”.

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because all the demos flow in such a seamless way and it has that certain grainy quality that adds to it’s charm.???


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mmmm…On the outskirts of nowhere
On the ring road to somewhere