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Your Album Of The Week

Don’t know if this thread will work, but it’s basically where you post which album you played and enjoyed more than any other in that particular week. There is always one during the week that stands out for me, and that I really get into. One that perhaps suits your current mood? - Due to the nature of the thread, you can only really post your entry at the end of the week, or perhaps the Monday after! :wink: :smiley:

First up for me, last week’s was…

The Kinks - Misfits


Great idea of a topic Arcade!

The one I’ve been in the mood of listening to this week was
CLOUD OF SOUND - The Waterboys

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Album of last week for me was Big Music - Simple Minds

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ANATHEMA - weather systems

rendez-vous next monday :wink:


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Tends to be what i’ve most recently bought, so last week was Riverside - Voices In My Head.

Great idea for a thread Paul :wink:

I’ll usually listen alot prior to a band that I’m going to see live the following week in between Fish and Early Marillion, or like Steve a newly purchased cd or download :no_mouth:

Last week for myself would have been Pallas - wearewhoweare a new release that I absolutely love :heart_eyes:

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Great idea!

Today (this week) Misplaced Childhood! I love it!


Haven’t actually listened to much music this week (up to now), so this wins by default, in that I’ve listened to it about five times…

Ian McNabb - Merseybeast

like you Paul,listened to few music this week (actually 4 albums),so I would say my album of the week is:

really love this album :blush:


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…So what is it Anthony?

Normally it would be something rock / prog but this week the album i enjoyed the most was Norah Jones - Come Away With Me.


I do as well, not that my musical taste would normally lean towards George Michael, but there are some really soulful tracks on there.

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oops….George Michael - listen without prejudice


Tony Wright ( Ex Terrorvision ) Thoughts N` All

Television’s punk/ Prog classic - Marquee Moon

Hounds of Love - Kate Bush

I’m goona go with the new Archive album - Restriction, purely because one track on there "End Of Our Days " I absolutely love :heart_eyes:

I think I’ve been giving the Genesis Archive #1 a spin this week. Some belters on there. As well as great live versions of Dancing with the Moonlit Knight and a decent recording of Twilight Alehouse - there’s also the live version of The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway.

Mmmm. Prog. :smile:


Again, haven’t really had much time to listen to music properly this week, though I have had this on about 3 times, so this is my album of the week. Probably play more of a selection today, as Sunday is MUSIC DAY!! :smile:

once again,listened to few albums this week so I’d say: