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Your favourite Marillion B-sides

it can Fish and H era :wink:

Tux on
Cinderella search
The Release
The Bell in the sea


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Cinderella Search is the standout track for me. How this ended up as a B-side, I’ll never know.

2: Lady Nina
3: Charting The Single
4: Freaks

like to add Freaks :wink:


Market Square Heroes (1983 re-recording)
Cinderella Search
Lady Nina

Tux On
Cindrella Search

  1. Grendel
  2. Margaret
  3. Market Sq Heroes
  4. 3 Boats down from the Candy
  5. Chelsea Monday
  6. Cinderella Search
  7. Charting the Single
  8. Freaks
    9.Lady Nina
  9. Tux on
  10. White Russian
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Chelsea Monday
Market Square Heroes

I had no idea we could name all of 'em! :wink: :laughing:

Cinderella Search
Tux On

Well it did say Favourites and not a top 3 or 5 or anything :slight_smile:

  1. Tux On
  2. Freaks
  3. Cinderella Search
  4. Lady Nina
  5. After Me
  6. The Release
  1. Cinderella Search (12" version!!!), which would be in my Top 5 Marillion songs. I must confess I put my own idealised version of Fugazi on to my iPod with She Chameleon replaced by Cinderella Search in that same sequence on the album.

  2. Grendel. Still haven’t tired of it one bit.

  3. Three Boats Down from the Candy (the second version/Mosley version which is far superior in my opinion).

Tux On would be a close fourth.