Awards 2016 - Your choices


here is a topic to tell about your favourite albums of 2016 but also your best live gigs or your disappointments


2 - PINEAPPLE THIEF - your wilderness
4 - FISH - raingods with zippos (remaster)
5 - EZ3KIEL - lux live
6 - STEVEN WILSON - 4 1/2
7 - JEAN-MICHEL JARRE - oxygene trilogy (not bought yet though)

MARILLION - Elysée Montmartre

No disappointment for me except maybe the performance of John Wesley as a support act for Marillion (although I bought his last album),the last Archive album and not having attend to many concerts :disappointed:

your turn now :wink:



New albums in 2016, or new discoveries of older albums?


it should the albums released in 2016…but it can also be some old albums which have been remastered
10 albums would be ideal but I can’t find ten because I didn’t buy 10 albums from 2016 :smirk:



I’ve hardly bought anything that was released this year, but I’ll have to think about this…


I can’t even remember gigs I went to a few months ago or releases tbh!! the last few years seem roll into one.
I’ll need to research this a little :wink:


I think I’d just be listing the stuff I’ve bought this year. - Bought loads of older albums, but possibly less than ten 2016 ones. Best gig is easier. Only went to two this year! Jeff Lynne’s ELO experience was brilliant, but favourite gig was Squeeze at Warrington Parr Hall. Lot of fun.


Haven`t seen John Wesley on a stage for a long time. Imagine he would be a tough listen minus a whole band, Anthony?

I`ll have a think about the Awards and come back. Excellent post.


John Wesley was torture to our ears in Aylesbury. Plus, the sound was crap, which made it worse :persevere::persevere::persevere:


Here goes -

I have bought a lot of new albums ( 20 plus when I did a quick sweep to think about a top 10. I know you had 7 Anthony )

1 - This Path Tonight - Graham Nash
2 - Hollow Bones - Rival Sons
3 - Painkillers - Brian Fallon
4 - Sinderins - Sinderins
5 - Dix - JJ Gilmour
6 - FEAR - Marillion
7 - Jacob`s Ladder - The Filthy Tongues
8 - Ellipsis - Biffy Clyro
9 - Paging Mr Proust - The Jayhawks
10 - Man.Machine. Poem - The Tragically Hip
( Bubbling Under - Mute Gods, Black Stone Cherry, Wilco, Dream Theater )

Best Re-Issue
Different Breed - Beltane Fire

JJ Gilmour - Inn at Lathones & Irvine Arts Centre ( January and September )
Biffy Clyro - Belahouston Park, Glasgow ( August )
Gun - Dundee ( October )
Brian Fallon - Glasgow ( November )

Biggest disappointment - missing Fish at Bilston and hooking up with the Company again back in April.


That is a shame.Not that he was torture, because you might not like him anyway but sounds like he didn`t come across at all well. Do you know any of his solo albums?


I like him and his album “The lillypad suite” is a good one but last night,it doesn’t make it
Maybe because of his last album,a bit more complexe ?
And the fact he was alone on stage,just him and his guitar with a recorded band isn’t the kind of thing I like



Don’t hold back Zaz will you. :laughing:


‘New’ albums bought in 2016. Hard to say which is best/favourite because they bear no similarities. Possibly Van’s latest.

Keep Me Singing - Van Morrison
Black star - David Bowie
Night Thoughts - Suede
The Astonishing - Dream Theater
Ouroboros - Ray Lamontagne
Stranger To Stranger - Paul Simon
Earth - Neil Young
Chapter And Verse - Bruce Springsteen
Acoustic - Simple Minds
Peace Trail - Neil Young (not heard yet!)
This Path Tonight - Graham Nash
Respectfully Yours - Ian McNabb
Take Me To The Alley - Gregory Porter

Biggest disappointment, missing James Taylor’s UK dates. Had no idea he was on tour.

Probably bought 3 times as many old albums this year. I like discovering great bands I’ve missed, like Jethro Tull!


I like doing that too. Another way I find myself exploring back catalogue is if I read an autobiography or a book about a particular band.


VNo Lawrie I don’t know any of his solo stuff at all.
In fact, “complex” is the right word :roll_eyes: like Anthony said, and had he played accompanied by a band it could have worked?
I don’t know, it was a real cacophony and everyone around me seemed to think so by the look on their faces!
The sad story is that Tony (Mileszippo) left the venue half way through JW and missed all the Marillion gig because his ears couldn’t take it anymore, he obviously has a big issue with his hearing and because the sound was loud and awful it really did have an incidence.
Just for info he’s apparently had lots of issues this year with his ears and said he wouldn’t be able to go to gigs anymore.


Poor Tony. That’s awful.


I had no idea about this album Paul! Is it good? Or how good is it? :wink:

10 albums which came out 2016 and I bought and liked a lot are:

Big Big Train - Folklore
Cheap Trick - Bang, Zoom, Crazy… Hello
CMX - Cloaca Maxima III
Kent - Då Som Nu För Alltid
Jarkko Martikainen & Luotetut miehet - Ruosterastaat
Meat Loaf - Braver Than We Are
Metallica - Hardwired…To Self-Destruct
Red Hot Chili Peppers - The Getaway
Surunmaa - Mie halvaisin sen uskon ette joku rakastaa
Wolfmother - Victorious


Check out his website Lauri. It’s an album of covers. I enjoyed it a lot. - Not sure if it’s still available though.

Not rocky like his last album though. Quite stripped back.


That is indeed sad news re. Tony. Tony is as enthusiastic about music / gigs as anyone I know. Im gutted for him I wasnt aware of what happened at Aylesbury. I`ll message Tony on Facebook later, but if you happen to speak to him before me, then please pass him my best wishes.


I know. Tony’s usually at a gig every single week!!! I also couldn’t believe how bad it’s been for him.