Don't Know If There's A Gardening Thread, But Here's Another One


Nothing better than relaxing in the garden when the sun is shining and it’s knocking on 20°C. Not too hot. - Never been a great lover of gardening as such and I prefer things as low maintenance as possible. Not too much to do in my small back garden, since we had a garage, greenhouse and conservatory put in, there isn’t a lot of space left to play around with.

Last 3 weekends, I’ve had a few odd jobs to contend with. Firstly, the rotten 40 year old fence had to be pulled down and discarded. - Last week, attempted to weed the jungle. There’s never been any plan to my raised bed. I just throw anything in there and hope for the best, but in hindsight I should never have stuck a clump bamboo in the middle, as it’s grown out of all proportion. That’s my next job, thinning it out and separating all the individual plants, as they are currently growing all over each other. It’s like there’s an horticultural orgy going on. Makes me blush to look at it.

Yesterday evening, I attempted to lay some grass seeds, as I’ve never been happy with my lawn, and particularly where it meets the borders. There’s a bloody cheeky thrush that pecks there every morning, looking for worms. Tried to lay a bit of turf and thought a bit of string with plastic might scare him off, but this morning he was scuffling about underneath it, so that pissin’ worked!

Maybe we can use this thread to post favourite garden plants, trees and flowers we have, or maybe some photos of BBQ activity? :wink:


Haven’t got a clue what this is, but I like it. The buds are burnt orange in colour, and they open out into lemon-yellow flowers.


You took a photo through your window because you’re terrified to go out for those bloodthirsty beasts that seem to wonder around your lawn?

I have a lawn which takes about two hours to mow, so I don’t mind if our summer is a bit shorter than for example yours. Sometimes I dream about laying asphalt on the whole plot! :smile:


Garden is the wife’s territory. I will mow the lawn but that’s my contribution done. I’ve no idea with our plants and flowers.


Not terrified. Just bloody lazy!


Don’t forget your bit of ‘sleeper action’ the other week Steve. Or did you get your wife doing it?


[quote=“Lauri, post:3, topic:1297”]
I have a lawn which takes about two hours to mow[/quote]

Why, do you have to melt the snow first?


I don’t like DIY but get dragged in to keep the wife happy. Our back garden has needed sorting for ages and I finally relented so the wall build and gravelling got done. As much as i say I don’t like DIY, once I get stuck in and see the final results I do feel a sense of achievement (as i don’t see myself as a very hands-on person), and normally have to admit that my wife’s ideas are good ones :grin::grin::grin:

Again the fence and decking painting this weekend is just manual work. Actual gardening is not my thing.


When we moved to our house 13 years ago it had a rockery and a border full of flowers and plants that would bloom at different points throughout the seasons. Now the rockery is gone and the border shortened with turf to give more space for the kids to play and a trampoline etc. Yesterday it was an impromptu beer garden where we sat listening to James Taylor, John Wesley and The Saw Doctors as they blasted forth from the stereo in the kitchen.:slight_smile:


James Taylor doesn’t blast. He trickles slowly like maple syrup. I’m sure you’re raiding my cd collection.


Just came back from the gardening centre :slight_smile:️ And got the last flowers I’ll ever buy this year. Now all the plants I have will be flowering until october.
All is left is the tomato and vegetable patch, which I’m hoping to finish next week.


Rhododendrons I think? :thinking:
Or a kind of azalea.


I’ll ask me mam :wink:


Looks like Azalea to me :slight_smile:


It is, but I meant the particular type. All I can remember is that it was a woman’s name. Doesn’t exactly narrow things down.


Flowers are something that’s lacking in my garden. Have a lot of plants and shrubs, some of which flower, but I need to buy some proper flowers. Might go and have a look for some hanging baskets this week.


Azelea Anneke ???


That’s the one Steve!


Next time I try to remember this, I’m gonna think of The Sex Pistols as a point of reference. Anneke In The UK.


Nothing to do with my horticultural knowledge - just googled yellow azaleas.