Don't Know If There's A Gardening Thread, But Here's Another One


Let down. Thought you were a secret Monty Don.


Here’s mine. I put it there 17 years ago.


First the pale pink, then pink-red


What is it? …and don’t say a plant.


A plant ! :grin:

Peonies (tree peonies)


Some flowers in bloom at the moment.
I find the first one absolutely amazing, it’s called night sky something… and a pic of my vine, looks like I’ll be getting some grapes this autumn :blush:


Top one is amazing Zaz! Never seen those before.


I know, looks stunning doesn’t it!!
I might just have to get some more :grin:


Peonies are in the top 3 of my favourite flowers!


Got this strange thing growing behind my garden.


It’s a Triffid!!!


Someone said an asparagus :laughing::laughing:
Apparently it’s some kind of flower growing from a Yucca or something like that.
I can’t wait to see the flower now!


Here we go




The first flower of my passionfruit plant opened up today :grinning:


Not my garden, Silkes garden …

And he loves to live there …


Looks great Ulli! I’m sure Silke doesn’t mind sharing it with you.


Every spring, late spring I have the horror to make sure the cleaning of the water will work. There are three basins where the water have to go through. But over the late autumn and winter we have to cut the line. First the water goes through to lights. These are two lamps (looks like a neon lamp, but it isn’t neon). The light will help to clean the water. And Silke said, it works if the lights works. Now all the piping works. It will switch off if the power of the pump will be able to do their job. There is no more known leak in the line. So I hope it will work till this autumn. And next spring we’ll start again …


… one for the record!


Apple tree in our yard is blooming at last.