Don't Know If There's A Gardening Thread, But Here's Another One


Nice! I’d like a couple of fruit trees. Apple and pear maybe, though I haven’t got much space to play with. Contemplating knocking the garage down.


Tom’s are progressing. :thumbsup:


I have meant to go and buy some tomato plants for my garden for 2 months but haven’t had a single chance :frowning:




Don’t actually have many flowers in my garden, apart from this little area where I sit. They’re slightly past their best now…


Look at these. They’ve sprung open overnight! Think they’re some kind of lilies. …Or triffids.



I confess, this apple tree isn’t actually ‘in’ my garden. It’s on the other side of the fence, but if those apples ever hang across, then they’re mine for the picking. :grin: :laughing: … Very nice too.


:smile: The size of your neighbours apples is quite large comparing to my apples at the moment…


That time of the night when I borrow some of my neighbour’s apples…


Red enough :wink: ! My mother told me, when I was young, please don’t eat the green apples!

Please let us know what happened, when you take a glas of water after you have eaten these apples.


Yesterday in our yard:


Rhododendron . Say it with flowers :slightly_smiling_face:



Bought some flowers, violas, on a sunny sunday. May them call the spring and sun.


My peonies are opening up one after the other.
And my vine is doing so good this year. Took 3 years after transplant to give birth to baby grapes :blush: And this year there will be lots!


Same here, peonies, camélias etc… :heart_eyes:


Viola murderer!


Put some patio slabs down earlier.