Favourite Song Of The Week!


Must have been in these about a dozen times at least.
Uncomfortable indeed especially if you are claustrophobic, which I am.


All the best mate.:slight_smile:


Hope everything went well with your scan mate? Wishing all the Best!










Saw the album in town, might buy it after listening to that track. Sounding a bit Patti Smith, but also reminds me of a band from a few years back called Hazeldine. I`ll see if I can find any of there stuff on YouTube and share it.


Mik this is the band. There are a few things on YouTube.


Oh, yes; I like that.
And definitely see what you mean about similarity to ‘You Are The Problem Here’. However, I should warn you that that track isn’t really representative of most of their stuff; they’re not typically so heavy guitar-based, much more folk-country, I suppose (for want of a better description), and that track, unfortunately, is not on the album.


Having said the above about First Aid Kit, just come across this:

They also seem to be doing a rather good version of Heart’s ‘Crazy On You’ just recently. I suppose an obvious choice for a band featuring 2 sisters on vocals, but they’ve definitely got the rock…
Shame their tour’s all sold out.



I can’t get enough of this now!


I’ve not had one in a while but this really hit home when I heard it.


A brilliant version of a great song.