Favourite Song Of The Week!


Gaza - Marillion





pariah - Steven Wilson



This track would have deserved to feature on the album.



Great voice!


Good, isn’t it. The version he did on Colbert is even better, IMO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zVHk35XynI
He does a rather fine version of ‘Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City’, too.


I want to put a Steven Wilson song as my choice for the week but can’t decide which one. I’m beginning to love this album, and that includes ‘Permanating’.


Musically this really floats my :speedboat:
A cross between Lifesigns and Kansas :wink:


Steven Wilson - People Who Eat Darkness


clandestine eyes - Soup



money for nothing - Dire Straits



Well this cheered me up musically on my way home from work this morning :smiley:
I’ve got an MRI scan at hospital later today, which I’m not looking forward to much, wish me luck.:wink:


Fingers crossed!


Good luck Andy !


All the best for your scan.


All the best Andy



Best wishes Andy.


Thanks for all your well wishes.
That was like listening to the band Ministry on full volume - a very uncomfortable experience. :drooling_face: