Favourite Song Of The Week!


Untouchable (parts 1&2) - Anathema


My favourite as well , the best 2 songs they’ve made so far in my opinion .


Definitely top 5 for me Andy. Also partial to Dreaming Light, Anathema, The Beginning And The End and Hindsight.


afraid of sunlight - Marillion



The New Kings Pt I - IV is that allowed ? :wink:


It’s gonna have to be something from Anathema again this week for me. Possibly ‘Ariel’ or ‘The Lost Song: Part 2’. …or ‘Anathema’! How powerful is that as a piece of music?!


El Dorado - Marillion



It’s fantastic live Paul , I hope they include it in the setlist of the upcoming tour .
Has A Sort Of Homecoming arrived yet ?


Yeah, but I’ve not watched/listened to it yet.


The Count of Tuscany - Dream Theater


new year’s day - U2



This popped up on my Ipod today and I’d forgotten just how brilliant this song is .
If you have not heard it before? spare yourself 20mins and give it a listen . Epic ! :wink:



white paper - Marillion




Heartstrings - Frost*


white paper - Marillion



Haven’t listened to much music this week (at least until today), but Simply Red’s ‘Holding Back The Years’ is really hitting the spot right now.


superb song !!!



One of my favourite 80’s song? Was all over the radio on my first trip to England (Barnsley :blush:) Along with Kate Bush’s Cloudbusting.
Used to be mad about their music.
And filmed in one of my favourite locations :grinning: