Favourite Song Of The Week!



plague of ghosts - Fish



I still think it’s the best peice of music he’s put together :wink:


Touch too much - AC/DC the last single with Bon also the Top of the Pops appearance promoting this was the last time he was seen before he died 12 days later.
Very catchy indeed just a shame it was never played live after that until Axel this year


My favourite AC/DC Bon Scott era song .


Plague Of Ghosts. - I remember the first time I ever heard this. For me, it was ‘solo’ Fish coming-of-age. The kind of epic track I always wanted him to make. Incredible, and never bettered yet imho. - Taking the mantle from the kind of stuff he was doing with Marillion, but with a fresh identity of his own.


hold on (so goodbye to all of that) - Crippled Black Phoenix



Insanity - Gregory Porter

I know there are few Jazz fans on here, but been blown away by this guy’s few albums that I’ve bought. Writes all his own material too. - He has the aura of a singer from another age, channeling the spirits of Marvin Gaye and Nat King Cole.


Saw him play at the Jazz Festival in my hometown supporting Stevie Wonder. Very talented artist but just not my cup of tea!


Yeah, my tastes are eclectic!


I like some Jazz actually! I think it’s more his style that doesn’t appeal to me.

Also, there’s something that really makes me want to take his balaclava off! :grimacing:


What, you got a phobia for headgear?!


no ! part 1&2 - Crippled Black Phoenix



I saw this song performed live last night and it was just fantastic. :wink:



the new kings - Marillion




white paper - Marillion