Fish O2 ABC Glasgow 21 Dec


Cheers - while it’s great to explore it all myself - it’s great to have a guide ( guess that’s why i joined forum)

Will check out Plague of Ghosts

(which reminds of another Plague - of Lighthouse keepers - by Van De Graaf Generator - whose singer Peter Hammill - was support on the Script tour all those years ago)


Another Dundonian? So its not just me.:smile:


Have decided to go to one Fish gig fingers crossed with the sound, have brought 7 tickets for Islington 15th unreserved sitting, the trouble and Strife is coming along and we will crash out in London in a travelodge somewhere, so will meet up with some of the company :smiley:


Hope it works out Tony. Stupid question, but do you have any special ear protectors for when things get dicey?


This is becoming more tempting as the months go on…:sunglasses:


You know it makes sense.


All booked up see you there :+1::wink::beers::hamburger::beer:


Thought you couldn’t afford Glasgow?!! :wink:


Change of plan, my 3 week holiday to America is now on hold as my nephew has announced he’s getting married next yr in Florida, so we are just doing a week in New York this year in October for my 50th and my daughters 18th instead.
We will now spend a longer time in America next year for the wedding and see my brother and his family.
I can now break up for Christmas on the 20th December for nearly 2 weeks . :wink:


It`s gonna be some moshpit.:grin: To think we will get to be in it twice. Manchester and Glasgow!


Once is never enough !! :wink::metal:


I’ve been browsing through my pictures and found this one from Glasgow last time out :grinning:
I’m guessing all will be there in December also :+1:


Do bears shit in the woods?:grin: Cannot wait.


I want to be seeing all you guys so hard…
Hope I’ll be able to make it :frowning:


Fingers crossed for you!


Got confirmation that the duration of the works in the shop, which are expected to last one month, will be taken from my paid holidays :(.
Let’s hope they’ll still let me get away in december.


Everything crossed Zaz .


I’m sure you will :wink:



For a second I thought it was a press shot from the New Kids On The Block reunion.


Tickets got for Glasgow…see u then​:beer::beer: