Fish O2 ABC Glasgow 21 Dec


Nice :ok_hand::+1::wink:


That would look good on a white t shirt for the merch Big Man :wink:


Don’t forget some posters on the merch stand :wink:



Despatch e-mail for the tickets arrived this day!



So looking forward to this one and meeting all ‘the company’ again.
Gonna be a messy one​:sunglasses::beer::smoking:


Who of the forum members will be there? Alone or with the better half or with some friends?


Marie (mrs) and myself arrive Glasgow late morning 21st, departing next day at 4 ish.


Michelle and Myself will be there btwn 1-2pm can’t get there any sooner as a few things to do.


We’ll wait for you in The Counting House Rab :beers::grin:


No probs mate :grin: :beers:


Won’t be long now :grin: :sunglasses:


It’s Riverdance!


Anyone happen to have a spare ticket going? If so please let me know


5 sleeps.:grin:


No sleeps til Islington! :smile:


I’ll be there along with my buddies keith and Gary along with prog pete:)


All the best Lauri. Your day has come. Gig on. Enjoy.:slight_smile:


Shouldn’t that be Hammersmith Lauri? :wink:
Have a great time and your good self Rik.
See you in Glasgow :beers:


Rik. Say hello to keith. Have a great gig.