Let's do some Fish polls


I’m thinking of putting some simple polls on the site.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what they would like to cast votes on?

Poll: The Most Loved Fish Album

it could be:

a top ten songs
the most loved studio albums
the most loved live albums
the most beautiful artworks…

these kind of things :wink:



Favourite types of fish
Top ten fish recipes


I don’t like fish much !!!

Only the Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Author :slight_smile::wink::wink:


There are times when I wish there was an “unlike” button :stuck_out_tongue:


Top 10 lyrics


Vote for your ultimate band line-up? There are quite a few to choose from you know - even just among the bass players (my own area of knowledge) we have John Giblin, Steve Brzezcki, Ewen Vernal, Davey Paton, Gavin Dickie, Steve Vantsis…

Quite a list of guitarists, keyboard players, drummers and other musicians too!

Got to be worth a thread if not a poll! :sunglasses:


Favourite album cover is a must.:+1:


underrated songs :wink:



the best live albums,obviously :wink:



the best epic (long I mean) songs!