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Poll: The Most Loved Fish Album

Here it is - our very first poll on the new forum. I’m keeping it simple but keep your poll suggestions coming in

Very simple - just let us know what your most favourite Fish album is. Pop in a comment to let us know what you voted for and why you think it’s great!

  • Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors
  • Internal Exile
  • Songs from the Mirror
  • Suits
  • Sunsets on Empire
  • Raingods With Zippos
  • Fellini Days
  • Field of Crows
  • 13th Star
  • A Feast of Consequences


I was so apprehensive on what the first solo album would be like after those heady days of Marillion . Every song on this album is so strong, not one filler to be heard .
Great production, great artwork and it sounds as strong today as it did when it was released . :grinning:



nothing to add to what Andy said…a timeless album!!!..never tired to listen to it :smiley:


too bad we can only choose one album:a top 3 could have been nice :disappointed:…very difficult to make a choice between so much great albums !!!


I’m always toyed between three choices, but Vigil always comes out on top. - The title track is still my favourite live experience by any singer or band ever.

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Not keen on Big Wedge (but i’ve never been as keen for the up tempo tracks Marillion or Fish recorded). Other than that Vigil is a stunning album.

Suits! A controversial choice, I know - but I just love the sound of that album. Also, there are a lot more “classic” tracks on there than people give credit for…


Vigil! The first after the split. And it was so good to hear new songs sung by Fish.

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Should Songs From The Mirror really be in that list? Especially as Yin and Yang and such others aren’t?

Songs From The Mirror is a covers album, where as Yin and Yang are compilations / ‘best of’ type albums.

Surely a totally different thing ???

Yes, Songs from the mirror is an official Fish ‘album’ that he recorded to fulfil his deal with Polydor (I think - @tosh knows this stuff better than me).

Although there are some re-workings on Yin / Yang - they are more of a collection album than a studio album.

Yeah - it’s covers. But you don’t need to write your own stuff to release an album. Just ask Elvis Presley.

No, I don’t agree. Yin and Yang actually contain Fish-penned tracks. - I just don’t think a covers album should be included in a ‘Best of’ poll. Just my opinion. Doesn’t really matter anyway.

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Internal exile - I like the slight nacionalistic note and the relation to Fishs Scottish roots! It is the continuing of Slainte Mhath. Don’t get me wrong, I am not anti-English. I just see it from an outside view as a Scotland-loving tourist.

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It’s Nationalistic note is what puts me off!

I moved a post to a new topic: Internal Exile

I’m not shure if my English is proper enough for such a political discussion. I do not want to offend anybody. As I said, I can see it from an outstanding point of view.

Hearing Vigil I have never recognized how brilliant ‘View from the hill’ is. I always prefered (and still prefer) the Marillion version from the Clutching Bonus CD. But View on Vigil is truely great.

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13th Star for me- powerful and emotional rollercoaster. Still blows me away now as it did in 2007.


After agonising for a while I decided to apply the “what if I could only listen to one of them ever again?” thought and went with Vigil. In reality I think I would have a very hard time living without the entire collection. I always end up coming back to each and every album at some time as they all have their places in my life / memories and every LP has one or two songs (at least!) that really stand out.


Good call @HamishTPB. I think the challenge is that there is definitely a good line up for the top slot. Choosing one of them is, like you said, agonising!