Manchester O2 Ritz - 09 Dec 2017


I thought a topic would be nice…to share our expectations before and feelings after the gig

ok…just booked my hotel in Manchester…it will be the Ibis Manchester Portland;15mn from the venue
now I have to book the plane ticket



How much was the room if u don’t mind me asking?


135€ breakfast included and cancellation included too (until the 9th Dec 2 PM)
Paid anything…will pay at the hotel



Still haven’t decided whether to book an overnight stay in a hotel or not. Original plan when I bought the tickets was to book a return-fare taxi and get into Manchester early afternoon. - This would allow us to meet for a meal and drinks if anyone wants to? - Been quoted about £60 for a taxi, which is considerably less than a hotel and train-fare both ways. - I shall think about this over the next few weeks, but not too long or there won’t be any rooms left!


I think I will be in Manchester around 4 PM
It would be great to have a beer before the gig :slight_smile:



here is the answer to my question about the dispacth of my ticket

"We will aim to despatch your tickets no later than 7 - 10 days before the event and you will be notified via email once your order has been sent out.

This is a general statement and often tickets are despatch much sooner.
Sorry to be vague".

this is not very reassuring :unamused:



they also answer me this earlier

“If your tickets do not arrive at your address in France before you must travel to the UK, we may arrange duplicate tickets to be collected from the venue”

now I have to wait…hoping there will be no problem :worried:



Don’t worry. It will work :wink: !


You’ll be ok. On last Marillion tour i had an email telling me my tickets had been dispatched but they didn’t arrive. Instead of sending out physical replacement ticket due to being less than a week until the gig i was sent an email ticket. No issue at all in gaining entry.

Tickets companies more often than not send tickets as near to the gig as possible, and only on this one occasion was my ticket not delivered in time.


Must admit, if mine haven’t arrived within a couple of weeks, I’ll be phoning up. Don’t see why some have had theirs a fortnight while others are still waiting.


Different ticket agents ???


I have booked the same hotel as Anthony ( thanks for the information ). Still availability at Ibis Styles, 3-5 Portland Street, near Picadilly Station. Can cancel before 9th December without any penalty if anything untoward should happen. :slight_smile:


Still no easyJet flights for December bookable. The call center agent told me, flights for December will be bookable from 20th April.


Flights are booked for Manchester and Glasgow. :slight_smile:


272 Sleeps to go.:grin::grin::grin:


271 Sleeps to go. :grin::grin::grin:


270 Sleeps to go.:grin::grin::grin:


Hotel booked :+1:
The Copthorne, just out of the city centre near Old Trafford, so hopefully if United have a game that Sunday I can roll outta bed and straight to the match. :wink:


Just checked through the 3,000+ unread emails I’ve got, to make sure payment actually went through for those tickets, as I’m still waiting. - Thankfully yes, and it states that tickets will be sent out no later than 5 days prior to gig. Excuse me?!! I’d like them ASAP please. That’s just not good enough.


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