Manchester O2 Ritz - 09 Dec 2017


Tux on :grinning: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:



Please donโ€™t be wearing your tux Anthony. T-shirts only.


He will have his eyes down at the bingo though.:grinning:



So arrived well ahead of the โ€˜5 day before gigโ€™ limit.


Donโ€™t Panic !! Mr Mainwaring :wink:


Fish announced Lazuli as the support act for some dates in December, but not that night. Doris Brendel will be the support in Manchester.
Anyone heard of her?


Noโ€ฆ :neutral_face:




Always prefer Fish to play and extra half hr himself tbh.


Uptempo song. Maybe sheโ€™ll finished fast :wink: !


Maybe Brendel will sing Grendel.


Who was that woman who played support in Warrington Andy? She completely lost her voice. โ€ฆWe can only hope.


Jesus, think Iโ€™ll download a 30 minute podcast to see me through.


I think her looks rather than her voice won me over in the end :wink:


More time in the bar more like :beers:


She pops up on Facebook as a suggested Artist to listen to, but I`ve never bothered.


Which dates Zaz?


Taken from Fishโ€™s FB

Iโ€™m happy to announce that Lazuli will be supporting me on some of the December UK shows. They will be playing Cardiff 12th December, Bristol 13th, London 15th, 16th, 17th and Cambridge on the 19th December. Due to other commitments in France they can only play these dates.

The very talented Doris Brendel will be supporting me at Leeds 8th December,Manchester 9th , Leamington 10th, Newcastle 20th and Glasgow on the 21st


Put it this way mate, we wonโ€™t be seeing Lazuli :persevere:


I second this!