Manchester O2 Ritz - 09 Dec 2017


Pictures! Hoping your camera doesn’t have a loud shutter! :wink:


Santa has not brought me a 7D yet… And neither next christmas too :unamused:


Santa needs a lottery win!


It must be horrible for all. There is no Santa :open_mouth: :smiley: !


Very true Ulli! Everyone knows he’s called Father Christmas.


Yeah. And evryone wants St Niklaas postcard for tomorrow…
All sold…


Yeah. Created for Coca Cola…
I’ll try coca this evening to clean this. Gonna play Myth busters… I’ll tell you…


We need DocBob to get a grip of this thread.


I like when we sometimes are off topic :wink:


They’re the best bits!


Don’t believe it!!! Yellow weather warnings for snow on Friday and Saturday! I’m gonna be so pissed off if my plans are scuppered.


Seen that too. Hope all goes well for everyone of us.
Concerning my travel plans, I’m afraid Ryanair pilots go skiing…


Need to wear my glasses more , first thing I read was “yellow snow warning” :fearful:


Taxi booked. Only snow will keep me away!


Hopefully it was not purple rain !! :grin: :wink:


bad news…nailed down in bed with a heavy flu plus a lumbago

went to the doctor this morning who has told me to rest the most I can and didn’t allow me to make the trip to Manchester…I’m absolutely sad but I think I won’t be able to be at the gig on Saturday with you

sad and angry


Anthony!! This is awful news! Gutted for you mate. Seriously. Wish there was time for an improvement but it doesn’t seem likely. :cry:

Get well soon!


you have no idea how much disappointed I am…


Ah gutted mate, I was so looking forward to meeting you.
Get well soon .


Aww, that is shit. Gutted for you Anthony.