Manchester O2 Ritz - 09 Dec 2017


preparing my travel by looking for train number from Manchester airport to my hotel…but I find nothing :confused:



so I guess a backpack will be ok then ?



Is your hotel in the centre?


Not sure a backpack will be ok.


The website says,“So if you really, really need to bring a bag, please make sure that it’s small, less than laptop size or just a small handbag,” which I would assume means definitely NOT a backpack.


I think you’ll be OK. As far as I know, the days of cameras being turned away from gigs are long gone since mobile phones became portable media recorders; it’s just not worth their trouble to bother anymore.


I think I’ll go there very light, except the camera weight :wink:
ie : passport, credit card and some money, camera.


Ibis Styles Manchester Portland street,Picadilly gardens
think I find something:transpennine express Doncaster (15mn without a stop) then get down at Manchester Picadilly and 4mn walk



Which Ibis are you staying at Anthony, there are more than 1 in Manchester.


Laptop = ordinateur portable


j’avais trouvé… :blush:



Trust you to complicate things!


Google trad is your friend :wink:


It’s on the map I posted Anthony . :wink:


Thinking about booking my return taxi, does 2pm-12am sound good?! Don’t want to be hanging around either end. When will everyone be there afternoon?


I’ll be in Manchester at 11am.
Wetherspoons kicks out at 1am if we go there after gig ?


Arriving 7:30 am on sat, return flight 19h00 on sunday
i’ve planned a visit at John Rylands library on sat morning/midday
Will be there in the afternoon, of course.


Is that the library that looks like the set of Hogwarts inside? It’s very nice.

I possibly won’t be in Manchester until about 16:30. Departure time depends on our designated driver.


Yes it’s that.
Built in 1900, it seems very nice.


Silke and I will take the train from the airport to Piccadilly.