Manchester O2 Ritz - 09 Dec 2017


Just saying, and really don’t wish to tempt fate, but ‘heavy snow’ is forecast for the Warrington area tomorrow. Not even sure what’s happening in Manchester?! - I will probably concede defeat if I wake up to snow. Not risking unsafe travel and being stranded.


Yeah, absolute shame that Anthony will be missing. Especially after all the build up and excitement.:disappointed:


Forecast for Manchester is a mixture of light and heavy snow (and some sleet) starting around lunchtime, getting heavier into Sunday. Even I’m starting to worry, and we’re only a 40-minute drive away…:thinking:


first of all thanks you very much for all your kind posts…they really confort me

just to let you know,I’m feeling a little better but not strong enough…sneezes,heavy cough, and my back that is still hurting me (but less than two days ago)…

I’m so disappointed and angry (angry about my work in fact that has tired me so much lately!!!)

have a nice evening all of you and enjoy the gig which will be awesome I’m sure

thanks again for your words



The roads are normally clear tho, apart from country lanes and the back streets .


All the best Anthony. Take care mate.


Well the day has arrived. I so wish i could be in Manchester with you all to put faces to names, and to get to know you all better, rather than from a forum on my mobile phone. Hope you have a great day and an even better gig. Enjoy :beer::beers::beer::beers::beer:


Looks like Santa is a Fish Fan :wink:


Got a wee update from Sandy on Fb what’s on the Mercy stalls but not on New site yet.

“They have sizes small up to 5xl on sale Rab , also now on sale but not on the site yet are ladies v neck shirts in sizes medium and large and beanie hats with the old , round Fish logo embroidered on the front and they were much needed last night, it was bloody freezing!!!”

Scratch the above, just charcoal and blue t shirts in sizes up to 2xl :rage:

Another wee update from Sandy.

" Fish wanted the new tour merch to be on something other than the usual black hence the charcoal and blue shirts, Gilden, the shirt suppliers only manufacture the shirts up to 2xl in those colours, Fish has quite a few larger sized fans who would have missed out on a tour shirt so it was decided to print 3xl up to 5xl on black which Gilden can supply, you can’t please everybody all the time but we do our best , one guy complained that we weren’t doing them in 6xl !!!"


Weather appears to have cleared a little - doesnt look like the heavy is going to hit till tomorrow now - tempting fate I know


Have a great night you all! It would be a pleasure to be there with you but I believe I’ll have a good time in London gig as well. Not as good, obviously. :smile:


Just landed at hotel not a snowflake in sight .

Just very wet so any snow won t settle :wink:


Hope you all have a great night and the weather keeps clear , look forward to your reviews tomorrow



Anyone found a secret free parking street - :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Where’s Paul?


This was it, good to meet Mik briefly to say hello though .


Yes. Unfortunately, as you can see in the mirror, by the time we got there The Paramount was packed to the rafters and we had to go elsewhere to grab a bite to eat, so our meeting was disappointingly brief.


Have a fantastic time you all, gutted I couldn’t be there to see old friends and meet some new, I’m sure you’ve had a blast, there’s nothing like a good old reunion of Fishheads :grin:
But I’m hoping to be able to.make it next year.
Have fun everybody, hugs to all. :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart: