Manchester O2 Ritz - 09 Dec 2017


We missed meeting up with you Zaz and those also that couldn’t make it.
It was a really good gig, a few problems with the sound that Fish wasn’t happy about, but it was great to hear Clutching At Straws and Tux On in it’s entirely.
The crowd was really on form especially Incommunicado (the place was bouncing ).


I wasn’t there Rab. Thanks for noticing! :cry:


You didn’t make it Paul?


Well the sun has set ( what sun I know! ) on the Manchester show. Andy thanks for being my wing man. Marie great to meet you, and Uli tell Silke I will behave in Glasgow, promise. No balancing acts and no cleptomania will be performed by me in Glasgow. Thank you and goodnight.

11 sleeps…:grin:


Great to meet you too !
A good concert and good company, it’s the best.
Back home safe and sound.
Ulli and Silke may still be in Manchester… Or not… Don’t know. Their flight has been cancelled.
Mine was just delayed.


Think they are having to go landward, Ulli just posted they are at Dover ferry terminal.


Yes I had news this morning.


Any explanation given why the running order of CAS has been changed for these gigs ?

Does Going Under and White Russian moving to later in the set, spoil the expected flow of the songs ?


I was too inebriated to notice. Tells a great story on the lead in to Going Under. All excellent.


Tux on !!! :stuck_out_tongue:


No idea Steve but there were quite alot of gaps in between, where Fish explained about certain songs, I was expecting the album to be played more or less in completion.
I could listen to Fish’s stories all night though so wasn’t bothered by this, a very funny moment when he explained why he’s changed the lyrics on one song in particular, but I won’t ruin it by telling you :wink:
Tux On was way better live in my
Opinion .


Update …

Back at home …

  1. Manchester Airport
    One hour in the plane. Flight cancelled. Another hour in the plane. Leaving the plane. Border Control.
    No flights to Berlin/Hamburg/Hannover/Warsaw/Prague before Tuesday from Manchester/Liverpool/Bristol/Newcastle by easyJet. Also checked other flights from London to Germany by other airlines. Same result. Eurostar trains from London were fully booked till Tuesday evening.
  2. Car Rental City
    … for 45 minutes. No car booking to Germany possible. Booked a car to Dover.
  3. Manchester - Dover
    280 miles, five hours, arrived 03:15
  4. Port of Dover
    First ferry for foot passengers to Calais expected 08:25. We were booked for this ferry. The ferry have left the port 13:00.
  5. Dover - Calais
    Rough weather in the channel region. Port of Calais closed for around two hours.
    There were a lot of people, stranded like us in the U.K. (not only in Manchester :wink: ).
  6. Calais
    A 25 minutes walk and run from the port to the train station. Met a lovely guy who showed us the way to the train station. Thanks! There we entered a taxi to Dunkirk. Earlier checked the car rental companies for a car and opening times. The only possible company was Sixt. Booked the car online during the taxi drive to Dunkirk. The driver checked the online booking by a phone call at the Sixt station in Dunkirk. Nice guy, thanks! Arrived in time at the Sixt station.
  7. Calais - Schönefeld
    1020 km, 14 hours with breaks
    During the drive, queues in Belgium on the A25, as Marie told us and she gave us advices to avoid these queues. Thanks Marie for this and the support to find possible trains to Paris Orly (there was a flight from Orly to Berlin) or Berlin.

Sleep …

What a trip :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::no_mouth: ! But at the end every minute worth. First the time in Manchester for the Fish gig and the Company, Lawrie Marie, Andy and all the others there. And what an experience, an adventure, a time, … on our way back home.


Hope things improve for your Glasgow trip!


It’ll be OK for Glasgow we’ve had a lot more than 3 Snowflakes :wink: :snowflake: :snowboarder: :snowman2: :mountain_snow:


Ulli I’m very impressed, the film Planes, trains and automobiles comes to mind.
I hope and I’m sure Glasgow will run alot smoother .
Always a pleasure to meet you and now Silke :beers::wink:
See you again in 9 sleeps.


Hey Ulli! What a journey for you both. See you both in Glasgow. Silke needs to practice her phrases remember ( “Nae bathir, pal” / “A peh, a bridie and ningin ane n a.” )


Quite an adventure!

I’ve been lately looking closely on the weather forecasts. We had also here in Finland so much snow and wind that Helsinki airport also had troubles keeping the things going. It seems to have settled now and I’ve had fingers crossed 24/7 hoping the conditions to keep OK here and in England for the next week.


Enjoy Your stay Lauri!


Have a great time Lauri!


Fish (… the Screens) - Manchester - O2 Ritz - 9th December 2017