Manchester O2 Ritz - 09 Dec 2017


Televisions in the pub. Just sayin`.:wink:


Think I’ll take reading material.


Reds one side, Blues the other - great :facepunch::joy:


Well, I hope ryanair flight will be on time ! (Can’t forget the missed Magic Bus some years ago )
I should book the flight arriving at 07:25 on sat 09/12, who amongst you all should be around during the day ?
Possible Back on sun 10/12 , flight departure at 19:35 , who amongst you will stay on sunday ?
I would be sad to be alone !

Now, hotel booking… hard…


It all depends on the football Marie (for me) I will definitely know in October , but I usually am around for most of the day of the gig and until mid afternoon ish on the Sunday. In a bar somewhere :wink::beers:


I’ll be in Manchester around 2 PM…enough time before the gig to meet everyone and have drinks to celebrate our meeting (at last !!!)



Not sure of times yet. The time I am around on the Sunday will depend on train time home. Anthony as you arrive before me, you can get the beers in at the hotel.:wink:


I’m not committed yet so take my comments with a pinch of salt, but if i do attend, i would be in Manchester midday on the Saturday for an ‘all dayer’ and would leave Sunday morning, as early as possible, as it’s a 5 hour train journey.


Happy me !
Flight and hotel now booked ! :grinning:
I confirm, arrival planned at 07:25, back on sunday 19:35.
The hotel is a bit far (2.7 miles) but I’ve not won at lottery yet, and can’t afford what’s left in city center ! It should be more calm, though.


Need to look at hotels too. Don’t want to leave it too late!


Don’t you think it would be awesome if we could manage a meeting with the big man?
We are making the forum (if I can say this that way) so it would be great to have a picture of all of us around him :blush:



What, sat on his knee like Father Christmas?


Why not? :laughing: …except if it is me…I don’t think his back could support it :grin:



He normally comes into the Wetherspoons pre Glasgow gig .
It would be good though, if we could get a picture.


Fish will normally make an appearence at a nearby hostelry so you may be lucky to bump into him.

Saw him pre-show in a pub on his acoustic tour in Swansea, on 13th Star in Pontardulais, and in Leamington for 2011 convention, where we also shared hotel bar as we were both staying in same hotel.


We won’t be in Manchester, sorry guys, but we just bought tickets to London, Islington Assembly Hall, Sunday 17/12/2017.

It’s lot easier to get to London from here and my wife wanted to get there anyhow, so what can a man do. :smile:


Aww, that’s too bad Lauri, but good for you to catch a gig anyway! Earlier in December, London may have been an option, but work-wise, the 17th just isn’t convenient for me.


Happy for you both Lauri but too bad we won’t see you … :confused:
But I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time :wink:



If you take the chance to visit the capitol of the UK together with your wife and you accomplish to her idea, then everything is right. :wink:

Some former member of the (old ) forum will be there too. Tony and his friend Tomas, Simon and the other Simon, maybe DocBob …


Enjoy Lauri ! :+1:
But a bit sad we won’t meet.