Marillion - FEAR


Right here Ulli :wink:



After all the predictions by the band members I expected more than this. I like (after the third listen) “The Leavers”, “White Paper” and “Tomorrow’s New Country”. I’m not the guy to listen a new album again and again to find the way to it. “El Dorado” (“The Gold works fine”) and “The New Kings” are more than the releases before.

Definitely not an new MC!


It’s now loaded on my ipod , I’ll let you know my views after a few listens. :wink:


Is it a new Season’s End Ulli?


No it’s not Paul…more like a concept album In its discussed themes
5 songs including 3 long pieces…very atmospheric and calm:this album has its very awesome parts and I think it’s their best album since Marbles



I’m impressed :wink:


Really?..glad you like it Andy :smile:



No it isn’t Paul. Long tracks, with different parts. IMHO all of the album in a midtempo style. But some more songs which I like than on the last releases.


Yes listened to it twice through today no disturbance or background noise and yes it’s a very good album.
But, there is always a but !
Why does Mr Hogarth have to do that that thing with his pronunciations of the S letter at the end of certain words?? I find it quite annoying, but other than that 8/10 for me.


I’m waiting for my preorder (on amazon, not on pledge, SACD edition)
So far, many ways to listen to it, officially, but which I would call not a proper listening, ie on the computer (mine is Asus + B&O sound)
I can say after 2 listenings, The new kings is not my favorite… Heavy… too heavy…
I have not catched all the lyrics, but enough : you recieve music with the state of mind at the moment, maybe.
More to come, when I’ll have it it my hands… 3 or 4 october


I think lyrically it is brilliant, and with every listen I’m hearing more musically.
I’m gonna order the cd version when I get back from my break away, as only have the ITunes download on my Ipod.


:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:



I’ve noticed this when watching some recent live performances on YouTube. He kind of does a weird Sean Connery thing with his S’s and I don’t understand why.


I just had a very vivid vision of Sean Connery singing ‘Shhugar Miche’


Brilliant :joy::joy:


Finally arrived today (but I’m not at home)

With my name in the credits :smile:



Listened to it again today , it’s got to be their best album since Fish ?
I’ve only heard 5 though ! :roll_eyes:


I recieved it today, through Amazon, SACD.

Well, er…
Listening to “El Dorado”, I imagined myself in a concert hall or at PZ, with plenty people shouting at the bar, and for the first time I’d like to have a beer with them, instead of moaning and telling them “shut up”…

More to come, maybe…


You’ll be loving it in a couple of weeks Marie :wink:


Time will tell,
Not sure…