Merry Christmas


Got my own personal tiny desktop tree in the ‘music room’.


Had to re-do the tree. My white lights finally died and they only had coloured ones at the garden centre…


It looks lovely Paul. My coloured ones had died but I didnt realise it until I had put them all around the tree :persevere:
So I’ve got white lights now but there are less lights on these and it doesnt look as good :neutral_face:


Happy Xmas all and a Great New Year Cheers


Welcome back Tony :wink:


Nice to see you on here Tony :grinning:


At last Tony :slight_smile:
Welcome back on here :wink:



:cry: :smile: :christmas_tree: :gift:


I know these are twee, but I love 'em.


Me too! Reminds me of the Christmas cards at the time I was a child, even though they’re still around. I’ll pinch ine of them and make it my christmassy wallpaper on my phone!


Happy Christmas fellow fish heads!


So what kind of Christmas hols is everyone getting? I know some of you get a couple of weeks off! Never known that in any job I’ve ever been in! - Actually made-up to be getting a full 5 days off this year, which is about the best I’ve ever had.


I break up today at 2pm , back to work on the 3rd of January, if I still have a job that is !!!?
I have a deciplinary hearing at 12.30 today , so who knows🙄


Well good luck with that Andy! I figured something was amiss from a few comments you posted, but didn’t like to ask. Hope it goes well for you mate.


Sorry to hear this Andy! Good luck for today :four_leaf_clover:

I’m off on the 25th, back on the 29th and off on the 1st of January. So 4 days off for me!


Hope everything is going to be ok for you Andy…good luck mate…we’re all with you :wink:



Off tomorrow til monday…back to work on tuesday so 4 days without thinking about this bloody job :blush:



Hope everything goes OK mate, fingers and toes crossed for you.


Off tonight bk in Friday night then off 3 days bk in 27th, 28th & 30th then off 31st & 1st bk in on the 2nd of Jan , pure shite! Time you cook Xmas dinner etc… no time to spend with anyone.
Fuck this life for a carry on.
Get take fuck Asda Get tae fuck retail. Pile of American shite!


Always thought you enjoyed your job Anthony?