Merry Christmas


Take care mate. Hope the meeting went ok?:slight_smile:


To be honest,it’s not the job actually…I love the Brand I’m selling,my company but the rythm is really beginning to kill me…it is really exhausting and the targets they give us are always higher and higher so it is very hard to reach them!
But working for Jack Daniel’s is pretty cool tbh



Definitely! There are worse jobs! I suppose there is lots of pressure involved when there are targets to be met though. It’s the nature of targets I guess, to be set much higher than what you think is achievable.


Hope all goes well. I’ve had a couple of disciplinaries and come away still in a job, so hope it’s the same for you.


And i’m sure you get plenty of freebies.


Hopefully finish after lunch tomorrow (we normally go early on last day before xmas), and then not back in until Jan 3rd (though i have to take 3 days annual leave to get this).

I can’t remember in 30 years of working for the same employer, ever working between xmas and new year. I’ve always refused and it’s wound some people up, but fuck 'em. I work hard all year (ok, that’s a lie), so why shouldn’t i have a break.


The problem I have is, I’m not and never will be a yes man, I despise arse lickers and I can’t stand Laziness in our working environment.
I didn’t get sacked, but got a warning of which I don’t think I deserved. :angry:
The Managers parting words when I left the meeting we’re -
Have a Merry Christmas Andy! (how ironic, I never replied).


Get in there mate :+1: :ok_hand: :clap: :clap: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


some,yes,but not that much




Merry Christmas everyone!! :christmas_tree::gift:


Wishing Everyone a Merry Marillion Fishmas! and the Best of Health and Happiness to you and your Families.
A Time for Rembrance of loved ones we hold close and dear who are not with us anymore.

Slainte’ Mhath! Live for the Company…




Wow!! Looks great! :grinning:


Merry Christmas folks.

Love those closest to you and remembering those who are no longer here.

All very best of wishes to all you good people here.




Merry Christmas to my Company :kissing_heart:
Hope you’re all having a great Christmas time. :champagne::christmas_tree:


Merry Christmas one and all


Merry Christmas Everyone I just love this Company :smile: :smile:


Merry Christmas to all the company !