Merry Christmas





Joyeuxy Noel Edmonds to you too!


Nadolig Llawen i pawb.


Hyvää joulua kaikille!

And sorry 'bout this:



Merry Christmas everyone. Play nicely and love those you hold dear.x.:smile:


Merry Christmas to one n’ all :christmas_tree::beers::champagne::gift::heart:


Apetor’s Christmas can’t be beat!


Good morning everyone. Merry Christmas! Just surfaced. Hope we are all full of festive cheer! :grin: :christmas_tree: :santa: :tada: :clinking_glasses:

Was out with my 2 brothers last night for the usual Christmas Eve meal and drinks. Enjoyed a lie-in this morning.


Merry Christmas everyone :smiley::christmas_tree::gift:
Hope you’re spending some great quality time with your family :sun_behind_large_cloud:
I can’t wait to go see my family and long time friends near Paris in January, for my Dad’s bday party week end.
I’ve had a shitty and scary weekend thanks to some scumbag and had to spend yesterday morning at my insurance agency and at the police :confounded:, could have done without this, weekend and Christmas ruined.
Feeling a bit better today though, so sending you all lots of warm and positive wishes :blush:


Oh no Zaz! Sending some love and best wishes your way. xx Raise a Drambuie and think of the Company! :grin:


Is anyone pissed yet? Just asking.


Merry Christmas all! Slowly working through a Speckled Hen keg :grin::beer:


Hope you all had fun and nice presents. :christmas_tree::gift:
All the best you all.