Misplaced Childhood - Deluxe Edition



Waiting for an official confirmation or announcement but …



With a Steven Wilson 5.1 mix included :grin::grin::grin:




A dream comes true :smile:



Wow! I don’t buy CDs these days, but this looks like a must-have… :ok_hand:


How can you not buy that?! LOOK AT IT!! :heart_eyes:


it seems that several albums owned now by Warner will be released in Deluxe editions…I dream of a Deluxe edition of “Brave”…



it seems also that the 4LP deluxe edition will be released seperatly…it would have been SO GREAT that both Deluxe CD’s and LP’s could have been released together in a beautiful boxset like the “FEAR” one…



I’m not sure I need these ‘ultimate’ box sets. I’m happy with CD, or vinyl, but do I really need both ?


I’m usually the same Steve but I can make an exception with a very special album.


Don’t know if Fish will be selling this but Marillion.com has it up for pre-order. £30 for cd’s, £60 for vinyl.

CD/Bluray version…

Vinyl Box Set version…


the vinyl box set edition is unfortunately a bit expensive ihmo…but looks great :grin:




Will definitely use the Fish shop rather than Marillion.com - hope he’s on commission on each order.


Hmmmm… Some ‘interesting’ vinyl programming going on (as seems to be par for the course): the live version of Fugazi taking up one entire side :confused:


Not for me, I have enough live material re MC, just think this is flogging a thorough bred piece of music too much.


:laughing: :laughing: I love that Rab. Have you ran out of storage space?


No mate, I have stopped collecting for collectings sake, especially Marillion wise, I just think this remasters thing, even with any artist, has gone too far, I don’t mind supporting artists re new material, but just think this a never ending now.


I have to agree. If it wasn’t for the 5.1 mix, I’d have no interest whatsoever, really, as this would end up being just another ‘looks nice on the shelf’ item. I’d certainly find it difficult to justify shelling out £60ish for vinyl that contains stuff I’ve basically already got.


Personally, I only ever buy remasters if there is a good selection of bonus/rare extra tracks on there, or when the original recording was so shockingly poor that it actually warrants an upgrade.