Misplaced Childhood - Deluxe Edition


Didn`t make this purchase. I will wait on Sky Arts showing the documentary.:wink:


From Fish’s FB page today.

I have managed to get another 350 ‘Misplaced Childhood’ limited edition vinyl’s from Parlophone. These are the last in the run and won’t be reproduced. Once again I will be signing these albums. They are up for sale now and I expect them here in the next week.


Also from Fish’s Facebook

I’ve also managed to find another 500 ‘Misplaced’ deluxe CD’s,available to buy now with delivery here on the 21st August. Parlophone agreed to make one more production run of which these units are my last allocation.As with the new order of vinyl’s we are getting these will be signed. We still have a few CD’s we kept back from the first run and anyone who orders the ‘Misplaced’ Deluxe CD together with any other album will be sent their package out now while we have stock.The rest will be sent when we get new MC stock here on the 21st August


In my mailbox today…

Why there’s no sticker restriction on the vinyl edition ???



Think the sticker might refer to the blu-ray in the cd set, which isn’t part of the vinyl package.


People younger than 16 haven’t any idea how they have to use vinyl… :smiley:


Yes, was using the latest version of VLC. I finally got it to work with a decryption program (which I’m not thrilled about), but such is the technology world. Thanks!