Music/Band T-Shirts


Okay, I don’t know if this thread will take off, but are you a music/band T-Shirts collector? Do you have favourites and treasured ones? Any that are years old, worn and faded, that you would never part with? Not just Fish/Marillion ones, even though a number of those are among my favourites! - I particularly like the classic Chocolate Frog Records logo design. Have three of those (just in case)

I don’t possess any Marillion-era stuff unfortunately. Oldest T I have is the Big Wedge Uncle Sam design.

Do have a number of treasured Big Country shirts, including this latest addition. A 25th Anniversary The Seer! :grin: :thumbsup:


I buy a t shirt from almost every gig I go to.
I wished I’d kept the ones from years ago (80’s) but sold them all when I was buying my first house.
Proberbly have about 350 still, saying that .


Ffs Andy and I thought I was bad, where do you keep them all? Do you have a Tardis ? :wink: :joy:


Under the divan bed !!!


Jesus Andy! - Can you still get in some of the older ones? :wink: :laughing:


Oh course, why what are you insinuating?


McDonald’s has a lot to Answer for :wink: :joy:


Thanks alot , you’re as deluded as Victor from.Warrington !!


I got this one yesterday with the bands debut cd .
I’m so lucky they had it in my size XXXL!!!



Here’s one of the Rush Tour t shirts I bought bk in 2013 at the gig in Glasgow.


Is it just me that buys duplicate t-shirts in case one fades? - Debs thinks I’m a nutcase. I have two of everything. My wardrobe is the furniture equivalent of Noah’s Ark.


Still wear mine.


I printed the Ghost Community one :slight_smile:


Anything forthcoming for the Fish December tour yet Sandy ?
I think this design on a white t would look smart :wink:


You’re clutching at straws there Andy.


Sorry for the delay in replying Andy, we are on it !! The proposed design is for the cocktail glass on the t shirt and also an embroidered polo shirt with the same logo, watch this space !!!


I hate polo shirts :wink: :smiley: !


Annoyance thread?!


Any news on the merchandise for the upcoming December tour.
Are the t shirts in production yet Sandy?