Paint It Black (The forum look)


Continuing the discussion from Islington Meetup:

Thanks, I’m just testing it out for a few days before putting it back. I’ve taken on board what people have said about the look and will be working on that feedback.

If anyone has an opinion about how it looks at the moment I’ll be happy to hear them. I know that there are bits and pieces that don’t look quite right, so don’t stress about those.


I think I prefer the white look!



How about a blue background :wink::wink:


I don’t think:I’m sure!



Prefer this or Blue , definitely better than white.


Hi folks havent been around for quite a while, given I didnt like the new layout. The white background is/was too harsh on these old eyes. Black is good.


Is black the new white ?? :wink:


Ooh, I’m not sure about this?! Can’t you give us the option of selecting which we prefer? - Personally, I actually preferred the White background.


bring me back the white :white_square_button:…please :disappointed:



Anthony take off those sunglasses and see the light er I mean the black :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:
Personally I love the black, but maybe I’m showing my dark side :wink:


Nah, white all the way! Go and look at the album poll. You can’t even read your highlighted choice when the background is black!


Paul is right, but I like the black :wink: !


I’m with Henry Ford on this one. Any colour you like - as long as it’s BLACK!!! :wink:


Those ferrets are taking the piss now!


FFS !!! :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Like Michael Jackson used to say, it don’t matter if you’re black or white.


Yeah . . . . We don’t want any racism on here :slight_smile:


What about the blue from the old forum, a very restful neutral colour that worked well with the fonts


How about green, red and gold, with swags of tinsel for Christmas?


white is back :smile:…like Yoda could have said “happy I am” :wink: