Poll: The Most Loved Fish Album


13th star first closely followed by Fellini Days…13th star brings back a lot of memories and some grt gigs…that album was at a real turning point for me,the lyrics seemed to relate to my own life…
The album has a lot of passion and anger wrapped up with big grooves and some stunning guitar by frank.
Fellini is another album I spent a lot of time with…a cloudy album and again one that spoke to me directly.
Many love the feast album…I do enjoy it but maybe I need more time with it!


It is near impossible to narrow it down, but Sunsets on Empire was something special.

13th Star and Feast could take my vote away depending on the day, except my birthday: I always play “Worm In A Bottle” on my birthday.


I have to say Vigil.
But I really like Feast as well!
And many others of course, but I dont have them all.


I don’t know which album is better than other. I feel his feelings and it is enough. He is growing. He is going much wiser and wiser. It’s a life. And he is not afraid to say the true. It’s very-very important.


Remembering the anticipation before it was released, the brilliance of State Of Mind as the first single, the first solo gigs…will always make that one special for me.


Sunsets! Love it all. Funny enough I have just become a PT and Steven Wilson fan in the last couple of years.


Feast for me as a complete album. Great subject matter and atmosphere to the music.


Raingods…fantastic underrated album.


Favourite is probably Internal External with Raingods a close second. But on the right day in the right mood I could like any of them best…currently revisiting Fellani Days!


I know I’m in the minority here but I’ve loved Fellini Days since my very first listen. It’s kind of grumpy and harsh and sometimes I’m not in the mood but I think it’s probably my desert island disc.
Closely followed by Vigil, Sunsets and Feast.


Actually, I’m not sure you’re in a minority! It’s the album that’s bubbling under for a lot of Fish fans. I recently got into it again and couldn’t stop playing it for weeks!


Fellini days has always been one of my favourites…it’s such a cloudy album and full of darkness.I love it!


“A Feast of Consequences” - I guess, I’m the ‘alien’ voting this way. Truth is, that back in the 80’ I had heard Kayleigh, Lavender, and a few tracks. Yes. But just only because these tracks were popular then, and say ‘competitive’ with all the other pop and rock stuff filling the air then. 2012 I came to know a very devoted Fish follower. She, right from 1986 tried to catch as many live perpormances as effordable, no matter where. Thanks to her I got introduced to this music and began liking it a lot myself. Come late 2013, we started it all over and bought tickets for as many shows as we could possibly handle. Soon it was “A Feast of Consequences” season though, and I really fell in love most with the very sound of This Fish. So, please pardon and ignore me. But that is just how I am. https://youtu.be/DN5OSG6UT1g

  1. Raingods
  2. Feast
  3. Fellini Days


It was interesting to read about other fan’s opinions :smiley:
Always feel better when I listen to these:

  • Internal Exile
  • Feast
  • Songs from the Mirror
  • Suits
  • Raingods


Sunsets on Empire, closely followed by A Feast of Consequences.