Poll: The Most Loved Fish Album


Here it is - our very first poll on the new forum. I’m keeping it simple but keep your poll suggestions coming in

Very simple - just let us know what your most favourite Fish album is. Pop in a comment to let us know what you voted for and why you think it’s great!

  • Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors
  • Internal Exile
  • Songs from the Mirror
  • Suits
  • Sunsets on Empire
  • Raingods With Zippos
  • Fellini Days
  • Field of Crows
  • 13th Star
  • A Feast of Consequences




I was so apprehensive on what the first solo album would be like after those heady days of Marillion . Every song on this album is so strong, not one filler to be heard .
Great production, great artwork and it sounds as strong today as it did when it was released . :grinning:



nothing to add to what Andy said…a timeless album!!!..never tired to listen to it :smiley:



too bad we can only choose one album:a top 3 could have been nice :disappointed:…very difficult to make a choice between so much great albums !!!



I’m always toyed between three choices, but Vigil always comes out on top. - The title track is still my favourite live experience by any singer or band ever.


Not keen on Big Wedge (but i’ve never been as keen for the up tempo tracks Marillion or Fish recorded). Other than that Vigil is a stunning album.


Suits! A controversial choice, I know - but I just love the sound of that album. Also, there are a lot more “classic” tracks on there than people give credit for…


Vigil! The first after the split. And it was so good to hear new songs sung by Fish.


Should Songs From The Mirror really be in that list? Especially as Yin and Yang and such others aren’t?


Songs From The Mirror is a covers album, where as Yin and Yang are compilations / ‘best of’ type albums.

Surely a totally different thing ???


Yes, Songs from the mirror is an official Fish ‘album’ that he recorded to fulfil his deal with Polydor (I think - @tosh knows this stuff better than me).

Although there are some re-workings on Yin / Yang - they are more of a collection album than a studio album.

Yeah - it’s covers. But you don’t need to write your own stuff to release an album. Just ask Elvis Presley.


No, I don’t agree. Yin and Yang actually contain Fish-penned tracks. - I just don’t think a covers album should be included in a ‘Best of’ poll. Just my opinion. Doesn’t really matter anyway.


Internal exile - I like the slight nacionalistic note and the relation to Fishs Scottish roots! It is the continuing of Slainte Mhath. Don’t get me wrong, I am not anti-English. I just see it from an outside view as a Scotland-loving tourist.

Internal Exile

It’s Nationalistic note is what puts me off!


I moved a post to a new topic: Internal Exile


I’m not shure if my English is proper enough for such a political discussion. I do not want to offend anybody. As I said, I can see it from an outstanding point of view.

Hearing Vigil I have never recognized how brilliant ‘View from the hill’ is. I always prefered (and still prefer) the Marillion version from the Clutching Bonus CD. But View on Vigil is truely great.


13th Star for me- powerful and emotional rollercoaster. Still blows me away now as it did in 2007.


After agonising for a while I decided to apply the “what if I could only listen to one of them ever again?” thought and went with Vigil. In reality I think I would have a very hard time living without the entire collection. I always end up coming back to each and every album at some time as they all have their places in my life / memories and every LP has one or two songs (at least!) that really stand out.


Good call @HamishTPB. I think the challenge is that there is definitely a good line up for the top slot. Choosing one of them is, like you said, agonising!